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  1. 15 Minutes ? Hahahahaahahha, good luck with WS bro, like I said before, Luvinia for hardcore mmo players only, just being real.
  2. Np man lol, but yeah this mmo is amazing, no bullshit
  3. Last thing that is awesome, when there is big event war's. The GM,s fight to, so awesome.
  4. Rogue is actually one of the classes from first job change bro, Assassin's. Are the ones you'll be choosing seems like, don't get that class.change to latter, after.you hit 40 rogue, you get.to choose.from Artist or Scout, Scoute is badass, wich leads To Assassins class, I posted a link to classes and such check it out bro, warlock is hella dope, crazy nice dps, aoes etc, get that after.you hit 40 with mage, if you choose that route, and yead assasinss are true gankers. Bro, like seriously, just one server, we on Federation faction, and our nation is Sky, Dac name is Dac, mine is Karyne, ill be playing all night. Let me know bro
  5. Nah bro, Luvinia is absolutely NOTHING like warspear, like forreal cap, and to keep it even realer, Ws doesn't come close to being good as this mmo cap, not even a lil bit, I heard of secret.world seems.good as well, but man I played Luvinia for, and I'm crazy addicted, like its not even. Funny. Whatever you like in a mmo, it has, ganking, Pk, dope as skills, etc, etc, etc..people waiting for warlock, necro, pally. And the rest of the classes, this game already has them, and more. Dac is a hard person to pleasse, snd he digs it a lot, if you end up giving it a try, let me know, yeah game is like 6-7g's +
  6. It's not rediculous like WS, no. They actually give you upgrade items from tokens that are given out everyday, look it up bro, wouldn't mislead you, would just be even more cool to play with people that I know. Stop wasting your money - lvl 47, still haven't had to spend a dime. Guild/family hella hella helpful, the game is amazing, I'll never leave, they shouldn't have let me see this mmo lmao, seriously though.
  7. The Bunny ears, and w/e you were talking about was just costume's, here is a video of a boss fight i found on toutube, start the video around 1:30, when they zoom in. look at graphics, and close up on gear, and such. Trust me when I say this, Luvinia is worth the switch, no way i would quit and go to a weak mmo..Just keeping it real with you. Not hyping it up or anything, Like I said, I'm hella HELLA pissed I didn't start this game sooner, like seriously. Here are few random pics. Check the pally's gear...That shield she has, actually rotates, like the effects and shit is rediculous.
  8. Sorrry bro, no disrespect but your wrong, from a person who is currently playing, like I said in previous post, not to many mmos out that compete with Luvinia. That'd not opinion either, fact.
  9. Ok completely done trolling WS forums lmao, you guys have all my info :friends:rmation and everything. If you're coming.to play PM me, msg's go straight to my e mail. Good luck with WS, was nice meeting you all :) Hope to see some of you in Luvinia.
  10. Starting family/guild over here once I get higher in lvl, as far as Warspear.yeah, no more buddy. I'm a hardcore mmo player, to be honest WS wasn't for me to begin with. But Luvinia is absolutely. Perfect for people like me.
  11. Heh, np bro. Ill be online for next 4 hours, add me as friend on there ok. Oh, and here is link to the classes Of Luvinia Online, make sure you stick with tree/path you truly want http://luvinia.outspark.com/guides/story/classes
  12. You'll love this game, any true mmorpg player will dig it.
  13. I hear you bro. But trust me, this is a mmorpg that is worth starting over with, I've been playing for 6 days, already lvl 45 Knight, going for Pally. But anyways, there are not to many Mmo's that can compete with Luvinia Online, I'm being so serious, still mad that I started it so late :( Oh well I'm enjoying the HELL out of it, one of thr tons of things I love is that you actually get Experience points from killing mobs and such hahaha :give_rose:
  14. Awww :( I understand. They don't have computer's?:( I'm sure they would like it as well. Im Totally hooked lol.
  15. Yup. But not game's, just one ::)
  16. True lol, I completely understand that yes people can do what the hell they want to do, I was just giving my opinion on the matter, and no I wasn't calling anyone lame, just saying playing. Both side's of the fence in MY opinion is kinda lame ;) But hell, no rules against it.
  17. This. I know I don't play anymore, but in my opinion playing both sides of the fence is kinda lame, just saying. Pick a side lol.
  18. Galv, come play Luvinia online, youll love it, garunteed, for PC though. Look it up bro. Me and Daciousx playing it. I wouldn't hold my breath when it comes to WS. Just keeping it real with you,
  19. Not going.to go into great detail, but I highly recommend you try the new MMO we're playing called Luvinia Online. It has EVERYTHING you could possibly want in a mmo such as: Open pvp, Pk, instances, gear, guild/family system, War's , amazing graphics, TONS OF CONTENT, Mounts, true end game content/gear, 2 opposing factions, GMs extremely active, nations, tons of classes such as: warlock, Paladin, knight, wizard, necromancer, bard, swordsmaster,Death knight, berserker, priest, etc...if your seriously going to play, we'll help you lvl up ;) Its free. Has cashop as well. But its not rediculous or anything. WE play on Faction: Federation Nation: Sky Ign is Karyne Leave msg here or Pm me if you down
  20. :facepalm: Looking for another mmo to spend my money on. Good job on stringing people along. That's one thing you guys are perfect at. 2.10....
  21. Point me to a good mmo, think I'm done with WS, seriously. 2.10? Really? Seriously I'm searching for another MMO to play.
  22. SneakyMe


    I'm looking for another MMO to play, big let down with this 2.10 crap. Don't think WS is meant for harcore gamers anyways tbh, kinda a fact. So Soon as I find one, wich I think I have, I'll be getting rid of my Char.
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