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  1. erii


    already clearly said .. and is obvious .. Do not give your data:!
  2. erii

    Account Seller

    in a post ..already said,thast, u could not do ppl are crazy .. Maybe ban him? :tease:
  3. erii

    stop war in pvp

    hello .. plzzz stop in pvp warr cave .. is for pvp not for warr:! if wanna go atack elf warr / mc side .. but stop disturbing -. - ppl and find sites to others can make a pvp in relax .. respect at least that cave. at this rate .. not know where to go:!
  4. erii

    New name

    :fool: we run a vell .. xD yes but thas always lag in online games .. but thas is stupid post... u think they not know? xD
  5. hahah like.. se good. i think to they are loose and will relocate imagine ::)
  6. hahaha 0 damage?? -.- no one touch anymore xD finee good :)
  7. good theory yours ... who pretends to not xD
  8. not play with that :aggressive:
  9. lol patient xD one day sure :D
  10. dessy ... I was surprised it .. I was not expecting that now also finally had his son .. but I get the very great good memories than it all this time with him and laughing at the jokes we made together between boss and boss .. an incredible person is gone .. certainly leaves a mark wherever he goes .. but if wee remember u.. somehow will follow. i remember too that day much laught too :D
  11. erii


    hahaha wiiii sico te felicito tarde x aka pero e cuando me conectau hahaha besukos y gratz!!
  12. hahah eso sale solo segun vas conociendo gente te vas juntando con los q mas filling tienes :P ley de vida ya sean ingleses chinos o lo ke sean xxDD
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