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Battle for territories. Schedule and information.

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Greetings, warriors!
In this topic you will be preparing for the battles and we will publish results of the recent events.

Date of next battle and recent results can be found on our website


US-Sapphire - 4:00 CET (the next day after eu server battle)

EU-Emerald - 20.00 CET

SA-Pearl - 17.00 CET

BR-Tourmaline - 01.00 CET (the next day after eu server battle)

RU-Amber, RU-Topaz, RU-Ruby - 17.00 CET



Locations available for capture:
Legion: Camp of the Legion, Western Caravan Camp, Scouts Camp
Sentinels: Kamp-Riff, Eeastern Caravan Camp, Somarra Tribe Village



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