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Show more information in party's and events

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Just like how you see your minions health when you summon it, other team members minions should be shown as well. Can help for lab, farming, boss hunting when theres a lot of things to kill and the minions start losing health.




Batle for territories - anyone in map 2 should be bable to see the status(health) of the alliance's flag as if it were in their party. This can help to encourage players to defend and help in the event. The enemies' flag status could also be shown at the right side for additional information.




I know these features may not work for people with smaller resolution displays but it would be nice to have for those of us who have a lot of screen realestate and wanr that little bit extra information.

Also, these features should be optional in settings(mainly the minion ones).

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great suggestion, i like it!


The problem is just that you would have to be able to see which minion belongs to which char. An option for seeing the owners name under the minions name (like guild name for chars) that you can switch on and off would be really great :)

Never thought about that! Thats a good jdea though, they could even just number the minions maybe

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