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Newb Questions

Kevin Owens

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Answer to the first question: Yes.

I don't know the second one as my priest is still level one or two and I won't be leveling her up for a long while.

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Is priest shield getting stronger if i lvl up my priest or increase my magic?


How much hp and mana does elusive threads burn for each lvl of skill

Yes it does increase with lvling up your char but not too much so you will need to use point on skill eventually and your magic don't has any effect on shield it's the target DEF / mdef which affect it


unless your a pvp priest don't bother lvl it up

but last time I saw it it was 1 yard full mana drained and 20%hp but it was 4/4 and at old times

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Ok thank you and some idiot ignored me and called me a lier for sayimg i had every class and many pvps, i really did but didnt bother lvling up all to max lvl and dont know some skills.

Priest infact could be the least played class by me until now

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