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  1. Aint you still playing lol
  2. i think 1 map 1 dg or mini bosses achievement is bugged too i saw some player who did it but its says not completed... cant remember which 1 though. I did the elf dg and mini bosses achievement so it must be the chosen dg or mini bosses achievement. And bug is in 5.0.1 btw
  3. Dodge 3 times in 1 battle was so easy with my 16 lvl priest
  4. What if server back if im still in toilet :trollface: oops i dont have meme smileys
  5. I think i will go take a dump while server still down Vote yes or no if i should do it
  6. Not only i woke up when update almost ready but also as a surprise free mcoins are back and i can upgrade to 20 bags i got to 16 lvl with 15 space which was annoying and unbind 1 item free... Plus a new easy way to get additional 5 bag space Plus Sound bugs fixed and hopefully that start crash bug Plus 3 free signs when i needed them very much Ty gm in a week i made 70k gold by only doing quests and now i save a lot of gold with your free gifts im a living proof to the crybabies who cry about non mcoin user cant be decent in this game they just want +10 and best gear from day 1 hahaha
  7. Ok thank you and some idiot ignored me and called me a lier for sayimg i had every class and many pvps, i really did but didnt bother lvling up all to max lvl and dont know some skills. Priest infact could be the least played class by me until now
  8. Is priest shield getting stronger if i lvl up my priest or increase my magic? How much hp and mana does elusive threads burn for each lvl of skill
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