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Captain Max The Cat

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Captain Max The Cat

Boss Concept Submission


note: All three are drafts, and the most liked one can easily be used
[image 3 uses a female style, which would require slight alterations in story]
Additional Resource/Inspiration Images:


Born into a small peasant farming family of Catfolk, residing in the Godgorrath mountains. The family had never been ones for settling down and this often caused conflicts with other members of the community. What was often seen as disloyalty to the chieftains was simply a childlike wonderment of the world. 
While the disagreements had been just that for a number of years it escalated into conflict. Ordered to join a raiding party to the elven shores, they took their boat out into deeper waters, their newborn son with them. The raid would ultimately fail, a lack of planning by the chieftains and a supreme underestimation of the defensive forces. It was blamed on the Catfolk. Later called "A desertion" that led to the defeat of the raiders. They were banished from the clan.
Their love of nature and experience in wilderness wandering served them well and they were able to create a home in the wilderness. Their son, now a young child, would help with the farm work. Building up a keen kinship with the animals that were kept and a love of nature. He was free to wander the surrounding lands, exploring as yet uncharted ground. 
Small fishing communities that lay at the far shores became a regular stop for him. It was here he developed skills beyond what his family could teach him. Be it Fishermen, Traders, Travellers or Warriors, he absorbed all he could. As he grew in size, maturity and familiarity, his knowledge was able to for the first time be put to some practical use. His Catfolk ancestry was a boon during this time, allowing him to quickly master swordplay and become extremely agile.
His teenage years were both fruitful and fortuitous. An increase in merchant activity to the local ports brought the opportunity for work. There was no clear discerning between what could be considered right or wrong, as this was never a concept that had much use to him. 
Much of his time was now spent away from the farm and his family. Contracted missions meaning his ability to return home was erratic.
Unwittingly, his increased skills and abilities during contracts had led to a rise in Piracy, Bandits and criminal gangs. The attacks increased at sea until the ports were no longer considered safe. Once the bounty of the sea began to run dry, the criminal activity began to come ashore.
Now in the latter part of his teenage years, already with a wealth of experience and knowledge under his belt Max returned home, bringing a bounty of coins for his family.
The black smoke bellowed over the mountains miles before he even reached home.
The bandits had slaughtered every animal and razed every building and tool in site.
His parents had been dead for days. Their bodies displayed in a ritualistic manner, a warning to travellers.
While he had had a distant relationship from them, it pained him deeply. As he bowed before them a solitary tear rolled down his face.
He placed his paw onto his father's chest as a sign of respect. It was then he felt a scroll on his person. He unwrapped it carefully and read:
Never stop wandering."
Attached was the ownership documents for a galleon, named "Wanderlust" at a port familar to him.
From then on he would sail the seas, Not quite an explorer, but not quite a pirate. Unknown lands, forbidden territory, unclaimed treasure. This was his calling.
He would devote his life to wandering the globe. At the back of his mind, wondering if one day he would com e across the bandits responsible for the death of his family.
A natural wanderer Max likes to roam his area. Accompanying him would be his crew. A band of sailors/pirates of varying talents and skills.
1. Pirate Cutlass - Heightened damage attack (Physical Damage)
2. Catfolk Reflexes - Increase Attack speed for set duration
3. Razorsharp Wit - Increase attack power, decrease defence for set duration
4. Cannonfire - Charge at target from distance, deals physical damage and leaves Max temporary stunned.
5. Captain Max - Rally crew to your aid, increase allies attack and defence for set duration.




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:good: although the boss could look more meaner if you understand what I mean.


I felt having a more neutral, leaning towards almost being a good guy might be a good change of pace. Adds a little something unique :)


Is there anything in particular you'd change?

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