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Mc in arena

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The truth is that their game is already boring me, the priest used to be worth it, but little by little they weakened him so much that now he gets 2 or 3 stun and dies, it's incredible how they favored the mcs in arena in the last update, The dk has a stun that he shouldn't even use against others, he practically walks and stuns you, the barbarian has a skill of more than 4k dmg being a tank, the chieft now has more stuns and the necro with the sharmer between the 2 looks like a zoo of dogs and skeletons, how could they be so unfair to the elf characters, it seems to me that it was very obvious how they wanted the mcs to predominate, when if the elves did it it is because the servers have always been more full of elfs than mcs, now they practically killed all the elfs so that the mcs would predominate when if the elf won it was because of that, the game before was fair now it is less and less so and what bothers me the most is that from here we will have to lead with this at least for a whole semester Then don't cry if people leave. 

Pd:And if I complain it's because it's the only way I can vent about all the bad times I've had in their little game.

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