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Discussion of new talents


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Those of you here today- what is your favorite talent branch of your main class? 


I, a Deathknight, like the Dark Fortitude branch as it looks excellent for tanking 

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9 hours ago, Yavfar said:

Druid, Angered Spring


Imma turn myself, into diamond formation auto attack quad cannon 

Probably my favorite phrasing of it

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All Paladin branches - I feel like the Paladin don't have an exact role right now, so the new branches define 3 roles for him:

  • Magical Damage and Healer
  • Tank with a bit of Physical Damage
  • Tank and Support

Inquisition Priest - The idea of a damage dealer Priest seems cool, and the talents are pretty strong too

Masteful Cannonade Ranger - It basically turns the Ranger into a machine gun

Dual Rage Beastmaster - Same as the Ranger, but melee and 2 times more frightening

Eagle's Nature Chieftain - It basically makes Hybrids Chieftains stronger

Death Face Death Knight - A huge buff for Magical DKs

Life After Death Necromancer - I like the idea of summoning a whole army of skeletons


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