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Expert skill Invigorating Stream

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I see no one ask about  this skill. So i have a question? : Is anyone have try this new skill  :good: ? How much it heal and how far it push enemy away? Is this a good skill to buy?  :crazy:

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Hello Healermeo,

i got this skill few days ago.

It kicks enemy 0 - ~5 fields away from you instantly. There is no casting delay like roots.

It saved me few times as rouges sneaked upon me.

But it kicks only those enemies that attack you.

Unfortunately you can not split crowd with it.

I have lvl.5 heal 209hp.

With the lvl.1 Invigorating Stream i heal anyone in 1 - 2 fields away ~250hp only once per spell.

...and it takes ages untill it cools down.

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Ok, I have been using this skill for almost a half year now. I just have to say that in some cases, like when playing solo, it's so useless. It healed me with around 250-300 (dependent on your magical power), but the cooldown is low. 


If you are in a "party", It will heal all people that are close to you. 

With that being said, therefore is the skill good to use when you are in a group/party..


Also the skill description does also say that it gives some energy points, but I haven't noticed that... But it might have given me without me knowing o.o

To make this short and not as a bible, the skill can be useless in some situations but benefical in others. Up to you to decide. According to me, I have other skills that I think is more helpful to me. If I only had one more skill slot mhmm... 

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