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  1. It is not only Android show "Could not connect to Sever" But Also PC . I cant log in game too (Oh no!!! my Achievement )
  2. Yes! The result is 0:0 . I was join war from the beginning to the end with my Druid. Dear GM that wrong result please fix
  3. Well... Your wish now become true... Today result is 0:0
  4. 0:1 in Sever US . I think there a hope for MC side
  5. Me have same Ploblem On Samsung Galaxy mini . But Lite Verson work fine
  6. Healermeo

    Screen capture

    Yesterday i was try go arena with my friend and record them. But no program on computer can record that... In my video, everything come black, i can't see anything in warspear. This ploblem also work with Print screen, I push Print screen button on my keyboard,and paste in Window Paint and everything come black too... I hope GM will fix it soon. Thank!
  7. I see no one ask about this skill. So i have a question? : Is anyone have try this new skill ? How much it heal and how far it push enemy away? Is this a good skill to buy?
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