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Mc vs Elf statistic

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Bravo, Very nice  ........ Now, can you round up the numbers and tell us which side has it best ... I can already guess but i want your input.


O and before that, seeing that all the score are between 1-10 (am assuming), do you really think that making rangers a 10+ on power is necessary? If u gonna make it a higher number then do so.  The current 10+ is compromising the rangers' score cuz it could be a 100 for all we know, but seeing that their main skill (blessing) is based on chance, i don't think they should rank any higher than their counter part (rogue) in power.


i also think necros should have the same def as priests or even higher, and their arena score should be about the same (with the priest having a slightly higher score). I dont think 10 for priests in arena is accurate. Seeing that healers always get targeted first in arena and priests only have 1 stun skill so they are very vulnerable to enemy attack. Their score shouldn't exceed 7.

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u write "arena" in general but there are classes like necro who is the best class in 2 vs 2 & not very strong in 5 vs 5, it's not so easy



Wrong, the idea of Necro being "strong in 2v2 but noob on 5v5" vanished with the introduction of expert skills. All necro expert skills (with exception of infection maybe) are designed for 5v5.

And about necro being the best class in 2v2, you are joking right? I am the only necro on SAPPHIRE who can beat you and other so called "pros" so you can't judge a class based on one single player who uses it. Or do you known any other necro who can beat you on arena?

The reason you see me doing good on arena is not because I play 2v2 and necro is "the best" on 2v2. It's because of the simple fact I am a good player and it's way easier to find one good partner for 2v2 than 4 good partners for 5v5.



Oh btw, yes I am negativism :P

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