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Pls add an option to make you be busy mode and not let others to inv you to guild, party and exchange while the option is enabled

Would help in arena where random people inv to troll or for other reasons

And in farming solo when others keep inviting you to party

Ignore would help but i dont want to ignore 100+ players just to not let them inv me

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Suggested before and i m agree with it

Yes!  And also LISTEN YOU DEVS i hate when i ignore some jealous noob then they just make 10 OTHER accounts to pm me on! Wtf right? Makes ignore feature useless. Take a note from Runescape and add a "Toggle Offline/Online"  feature.  When its toggled off no one can see that your online and no one can pm you or invite you,  it would just say im not online. And when its on anyone you haven't ignored can be free to pm / invite you.

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I love this idea....it's like another MMO.

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AFK / Busy mode status, been suggested many times before.

I Still support the idea and want it.



Maybe the suggestions title should be changed to "status" not "mode". As "mode" suggests automation instead of a status.

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