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I am not pro :(

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Hello everyone  I'm not new here... I registered a year ago, same in Summer. I played a lot and than just stopped playing, i deleted all chars except my rogue and started playing again...

My Heroes are:

Bounntyyy - Saphire Rogue lvl 15 (STUCK ON BERRENGAR SIX SHADOWS)

Chosenoone - Saphire Ranger lvl 11 (PLANING TO BE LVL 20 WITH THIS HERO)

Serbiatrol - Emerald DK lvl 8 or 9 (NOT SURE)

Rogiks - Saphire BD lvl 9 (NO COMENT)


I will delete my other characters and make a mage on Saphire named Drogerant or Drljaca


So now when u see I dont have any lvl 20 hero, you know why i have this name on forum...  :blush: :tease:


My birthday is 31.5.1994. (dd/mm/yyyy), I am from Serbia, and my real name is Vuk...

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First: Im Vuk... this is my new forum account i dont know how to delete that one...

Second: My rogue now lvl 17 YAYYYY

Third: Thank you all...

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