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Alternatives for non-rich players

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As i see,category of non-rich players can't do Nothing.


We are still ignored,and poor ppl can do only target.


Huge difference between players now.


We need some alternatives like dropping sign for boss.


Or exchange gold for Miracle coins.



Astral Labyrinth is nice point. Thumb up.



We re completely discrimined by that.


Ok,personaly i can buy coins and sometimes do but don't want spend 500 $ for mobile phone game,sorry.


Possible to trade gold for Miracle coins will balance game and raise gold value.


Fot example take different social spheres as reason.Game not for all now.


Usually not much game are social sphere dependant.


Yes,all want money. That is true.


But many present or future players will quit by that.


Game population not raise by that.


I'm not game developer,but game don't was based at money at start. Why turned to allmoney category?


Is really world population worse and worse?


Hope for answer.




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