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same aggro amount and duration on all skill levels


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basic aggro skills and expert ones have increased aggro amount and duration when leveling skill up. i suggest that all aggro skills should have the same aggro amount and duration on all skill levels.tanks need max their aggro skills only in tough pve contents,and they max their aggro not for extra effects with the skills but a stable aggression amount(except warden).tanks can have more option on their skill build.,they can still leveling up aggro skills for more powerful extra effects instead of more aggression amount

expert aggro skills have extra effects,leveling up these skills can get stronger extra effect.

as for basic aggro skills , add new skill effects for every tank except warden as a compensation:

dk: add vamp for a period

barb: add block for a period

bd: add strength for a period

paladin: add skill cooldown for a period





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