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  1. in pve dk is decent,but its weak in pvp.No burst dmg ,low mobility, nearly no team support,thats what we got.exhalation need successful auto hit to stun,sharp shadow 4/4 80% to stun but can be block/parry/dodge/resist,a ensured silence combo(except resist) combines 3 skill(silence,death call,thread),reserve is op skill but cant reset after arena fight,also a 2min cooldown is a bit too long in todays warspear.hurricane have high magic bounes but also a small radius,curse can deal good dmg but also a small radius and a 8s delay to deal first tickle dmg. dk with physical build have good stun ,but they are hard to counter caster bcs of low mobility. magic dk can be easily counter unless ur opponents stands in ur fire like a retard even worse,magic dk is better than physics in most of circumstances just bcs high magic bounes dk really needs a total rework on mechanisms of skills
  2. Чернокнижники имеют хорошие навыки dmg на dmg, а также универсальные навыки дебаффа и навыки управления, но они сталкиваются с трудностями как в pve, так и в pvp. В pve босс обладает высокой устойчивостью к контролю и дебаффом навыков, которые ограничивают колдуна. В pvp чернокнижники полагаются на свои навыки управления, чтобы поддерживать их жизнь и атаковать. Чернокнижнику может угрожать серьезная угроза, потому что игроки могут иметь не менее 10 резистентов в pvp, не говоря уже о свитках замка и зелье сопротивления, навыках и тяжелом снаряжении русалей. Здесь я рекомендую новый навык для колдуна, который может помочь им как в pvp, так и в pve. Описание: маг применяет бафф к себе за счет 20% текущего здоровья, когда бафф активен, чернокнижник игнорирует параметр сопротивления врагов, дополнительно увеличивают навык мага dmg на определенный процент
  3. dk хорош в pve, они могут танкировать каждое подземелье, используя +8 снаряжения с парированием и блоком .magic build также отлично подходит в ежедневных квестах и соло некоторых боссов. Эти предложения, которые я предложил, предназначены для PVP, потому что DK очень глуп на арене, DK обычно ничего не делает, а затем выигрывает / проигрывает на арене fight.dk имеет хорошие навыки управления для заклинателей, но они не могут касаться кастеров из-за низкой мобильности
  4. Последний релиз баланса навыков в декабре прошлого года, поэтому я думаю, что следующий баланс навыков скоро появится. Некоторые навыки рыцаря смерти можно переработать или получить некоторые улучшения. 1. темный щит с некоторым шансом, дополнительно увеличить смерть рыцарей уменьшение урона за входящую атаку, сумма зависит от базовой магической защиты 2. Нить тьмы дополнительно применяет медленный дебафф к врагам в пределах 1 ярда от цели, если навык используется под эффектом удара тишины, рыцарь смерти будет бросаться к цели вместо того, чтобы тащить их обратно 3. аура ненависти создать ауру 3x3 вокруг рыцаря смерти в течение некоторого времени, уменьшить скорость передвижения врагов, а также физическую и магическую защиту, если они находятся в ауре.врагам может быть применено несколько стеков дебаффа, до 4
  5. if reserve can be reset after death,then dk will be very annoying in seals and crucible bcs of thier survival ability. reset after finishing arena fight will be a pretty good solution. also,dk has pretty old machenism,a tank focus on control ability is out dated when players gets castle scrolls for resist and purification potion.magic build is very good in pve, in pvp,magic build is strong when encountering multi melee characters,but fragile when fighting with ranger and druid . threat of darkness,aura of hatred,dark shield,there are many improvement that devs can make for dk. in skills balance last year,dk get buffed,and in update about new talents,dk gets some team support potential on their aura,also an addition on duration of blood protection.im hoping for the next coming update,wishing something good for dk.dk should be slow but strong,sadly,its now slow and dumb
  6. what does it mean, lock the total hp if the group to 40% of maximum and gain phy/magic attack?
  7. steel hurricane only have 1 yard radius,its hard to deal the sequent dmg to enemy,and a 15% second dmg is too low the talent about aura of hatred is a good try ,i thinks devs want dk to have some team support,but this expert is almost useless in endgame content,imaging dk max aura to give his group member 7.5def,magic def and atk,its rediculous,i think a better option is that "blood protection" can apply buff to 4 allies within 3 yard,effect strength is reduced by 50%
  8. my curse 3/4 ,as the descriptions goes:a cursed zone last for 12s ,and 1 tick dmg every two second,so there should be 6 ticks of dmg,but actually theres only 5 ticks of dmg,the same thing happen on 4/4 curse.please fix it
  9. basic aggro skills and expert ones have increased aggro amount and duration when leveling skill up. i suggest that all aggro skills should have the same aggro amount and duration on all skill levels.tanks need max their aggro skills only in tough pve contents,and they max their aggro not for extra effects with the skills but a stable aggression amount(except warden).tanks can have more option on their skill build.,they can still leveling up aggro skills for more powerful extra effects instead of more aggression amount expert aggro skills have extra effects,leveling up these skills can get stronger extra effect. as for basic aggro skills , add new skill effects for every tank except warden as a compensation: dk: add vamp for a period barb: add block for a period bd: add strength for a period paladin: add skill cooldown for a period
  10. yes,an mmorpg is supposed to gather a comparatively complete team for endgame pve content,but lifesteal makes dmg class to go solo,not to mention many op minions.as a dk im only needed in mm dg and myth sea its right, i hope tanks to have more diversity,as u said pure tank dk and warden,they need max aggro to participate in dg at the cost of other useful basic skill especially in pvp.I hope fixed aggro can help them to engage in some other senarios better,not to just be a tank
  11. until now,we have 5 classes with have basic aggro skills:bd,warden,dk, barb and paladin.Among these classes,only warden has additional effects on their basic aggro skill,which means 5/5 aggro on warden is way more good then other 4 classes.Other 4 classes 5/5 aggro just for a longer aggro duration and more aggro amount for pve content. There are two solutions for the situation. Solution A:all tanks basic aggro skills fixed on 1/1 but shares the same duration and aggro amount compared to 5/5 stats now.Addtionally, add a new basic skills for these tanks except warden.Which means divide wardens aggro to two parts:pure aggro and addtional effects,and the addtional effects serve as a new basic skills.For the sake of balance,other tanks also add a basic skill which fits their playstyle. Solution B:just like warden, add a new effect for each tanks aggro skill. In my opinion,solution A is better bcs tanks can hardly fits the endgame content.tanks need 5/5 aggro for dg,but they dont need 5/5aggro in gvg and pvp. A hybird skill bulid has 3/5 aggro,but need aggro potion in dg.fixed 1/1 aggro can help tanks to fit the gameplay. as well as the diversity in tank builds. Hoping for adopt my advice.thx all
  12. gears for the end game play content is pretty restricted.After player achieve lvl30/32,they turn to lvl30 nadir or sea lair gears sets ,or craft gears,fero/vampire gear set,and then save money only for mermen gear.The same fact happens in the selection of arena gear.Its not good for a mmorpg.We need diversity in gears . warspear has many dungeon,but player only spam sea lair ,nadir and mermen apart from festival dungeon.Garden,termite, tree, tech only come to consideration when need to activate event,lvl up repu and daily quest.The reason lies in that player cant get good loots for end game content in these dungeon.This condition should be changed. For every dungeon, devs could add a new difficulty called raid,where players can assemble two groups of 5 players to fight in the dungeon and the dungeon gives lvl32 gear with unique bonues concerned with faction.The admission to raid dungeon is restricted every week. 1.Benegars tower: Heavy: health bonues(2 pcs);2resit when taking damage,stacks for 5 times(4pcs) light:pene(2 pcs);3att spd when dealing damage,stacks for 5times(4pcs) cloth:crit heal and dmg(2pcs);4cd when skill heals output,stacks for 5times(4pcs) 2.garden: heavy:gain movement speed when taking dmg(4pcs) light:next skill or auto att have higher dmg every 5s cloth:gain a shield for every 5 heals output on group member 3 termite 4 tree 5 tech heavy:get larger for15s, in the duration get dmg reduction but cant move (can be complusorily moved by other skills) light:gain att spd and crit dmg for 10s,but decrease dmg output for 15s when the buff expired cloth:gain a bonues of healing output for10s,but decrease ur cd for 15s when the buff expired 6 sea lair heavy:gain up to 5stacks dmg bonues when taking dmg ,dealing dmg consumes all stacks. light:gain dmg bonus and crit dmg at the cost of 50%hp when activated for 10 sec ,in the duration character cant be healed by vamp and skills cloth:ur next 3 healing output also applys a shield on the target These is only my opinion, i hope palyers can have more option on gears rather then abuse mermen.
  13. dk with magic build gain its popularity in gvg,but in arena i think physical dk is still better.i dont know which mace its better. 1.spring mace with double pene:many dk main told me its the best mace to choose,bcs pene boosts ur dmg.but it has a crit stats,which is useless for dk in arena. 2.spring mace with magic and pene:compared to double pene,this mace substitute 3.5 pene with 32magic power and 2.5 att strength. 3.speed mace(pierce and att strength):it seems to work well with dks talent which pierce every 6 auto att,but less skill dmg 4.the incoming(maybe) 31 arena mace pvp dk has 5/5 exhalation and 4/4 sharp shadow,which have good magic bonus.so have some magic maybe pretty well i dont know which one to choose,hope for suggestion,thx
  14. dk used to be the best tank in legion side before the release of ship graveyard,but now he is outdated and fragile. I want to briefly talk about the situation of this poor tank in end game content(underwater map).Dk is still the best tank before ayvondil t5 PVE:mobs in underwater territroy has high pene as well as crit dmg,the latter can be avoid by maxinum solidity(simple for dk with aura).but dk still cant tank well in mermen or myth sea even with underwater talents(if not maxed) due to poor dmg reduction ability,while its colleague:brab can doing quite well in these situation. PVP: actually,pure pvp build dk is very strong in arena,they have good control skill to permanent stun enemy and help teammate ,and they can get health back when low health(by reserve enhanced by potion,scrolls and food), there are some pvp pro dk in eu server,such as baneling and iaikebao.But for most dk,they cant focus on pvp because they need to be a tank in dungon.skill build and relic of pvp dk totally contrary to pve build.This matter can be substansially solved by skill loadout system(just like the current 3 loadout of gear) Many dk main has cast opinions about blood protection,i want to talk about other skills that need to be improved My suggestion is mainly about the following expert skills: 1、death call death call can aggro enemies with in 3 yards while activating and dealing some magic dmg periodically.These magic dmg can do nothing but attract enemies if ur teammate just walking by them. Suggestions:dk aggros enemies nearby(the range remains the same) and reduce 40/50/60/70% of the movement speed of enemies affected by the skill.If deathcall is uesd while "blow of slience" is active (which means u have the blow of slience buff in ur buff column),the affected enemies with be slienced additionally. pve target limitation:infinitei player limitaion:3/4/5/6 Reasons:tanky ability doesnt tottaly depends on the defensive stats(def,hp, block,parry),movement speed also matters.When i play in underwater map,i noticed that mobs cant hit me but just chasing after me when my movement speed is pretty fast,the mechanism is simple: if my movement speed is faster than mobs ,these mobs can just chasing behind,which means i can aggro enemies then run away,waiting my teammate to kill them,in this process, i wont take damage because im out of their reach.This is also my strategy when i tank in underwater part of myth sea,with this strategy, i can tank myth sea without healer(but with diver scroll and several potion in boss fight xd). As to the combination with blow of slience,it can prevent mobs from casting skill such as hydrophobia of sharks in mermen,it can also make dk with pve skill build stronger in arena to encounter paladin,seeker etc 2、aura of hatred this buffing skill gives 15%of defense and attack(both physics and magic) when maxed,with this skill ,dk can get maxed solidity with 10k defense. But it just gives solidity when u have 10k defense. 10k armor means 60% dmg reduction,when u contiuning focus in more defense,u cant benefit from it except for the solidity.For many dk including me, this skill is just used for get extra solidity. As for the 15%attack bonus,it makes no sense in tank build dk.Many dk has good stats when use aura, but they still fragile.We can make some changes with this skill Suggestions:dk gains 7/8/9/10 solidity ,dmg reduction and resistance as well as 14/16/18/20 skill cooldown,the duration and cooldown remains same. Reason: gets additional defense when have 10k defense isnt a wise option.So the new aura gives solity directly,as well as dmg reduction and resistace(avoid hydrophobia or stun). As to the cooldown bonus,it will enable dk to use other basic skill faster to spam relics, as well as a shorter cooldown of blood protection. Thanks for reading,hope u guys have a nice day.
  15. saturation now gives 10/15/20/25 life steal at the cost of 10%max hp,this skill seems to be good because u get a good amunt of life steal,which helps u to survive tough fight in dungeon,but in fact this skill doesnt match our expectation. firstly,life steal is a defensive stats,which can be shown in ur defense attributes,it converts ur damage into healing.Life steal works pretty well in dmg classes such as hunter and chief because these dmg dealers have high amounts of pene,crit and other offensive stats.Back to dk,dk is a tank,who should focus on his defensive stats,such as block ,parry,solidity instead of pene and crit,so dk couldnt fully profit from life steal stats in underwater area.some of my friend change their vamp enchant in rings to hp. dk have two damage reduction skills:dark shield and blood protection.Blood protection works good in pve,but it have a long cooldown and short duration.Dark shield is pretty well before the release of ship graveyard,but now,it works bad in underwater game play,dk needs some more dmg reduction skills Adjustment suggestion about saturation: Death knight gains 5%/10%/15%/20% damage reduction,death knight gets healed at the amount of 40%/50%/60%/70% reduced damage, healing will be received in 7/6/5/4 seconds constantly. Skill with a constantly hp consumption:3%/2.7%/2.4%/2% of maxinum hp every 3 seconds cooldown:10s
  16. Faction:forsaken weapon available:two-handed sword/axe/hammer/spear,bow/xbow gear available:heavy(may be unfit) and light New machanism:theres no on-hand and off-hand weapon slots for arbiter,which substitute them are two-handed weapon slot and ranged weapon slot.Arboter can equip a two-handed weapon and a ranged weapon at the same time but he can only use one of them .Stats provided by weapon depends on your current weapon you using.Arbiter can switch his weapon by using his skills while his skills can deal different effects according to his current weapon. Basic skills: 1.i dont know the name skill effects depends on ur current weapon two handed weapon: usage range:melee,deal some physical damage to ur target ranged weapon: usage range:5 yards deal some physical dmg to ur target and enemy within one yard 2.darkness bewitching bewitches ur weapon for some time.u can deal extra physical dmg while auto attacking and applies 1 stack of debuff to ur target ,3 stacks of debuff with fear ur target for some time with some chance,which equals to ur pene parameter 3、smoking bomb creates smoke in a area, u and ur group member gets invisible in smoking area,attackin/casting skills/take damage will appear for some time 4. absorb corpse select a corpse to take effect,heals a certain percentage of losing health and energy,with some different effects,depending on absorbed corpse: monster corpse: gets movement speed for some time players corpse:increase ur physical and magical defense for some time.additionally add some resistance and rage parameter if absorbing group members corpse 5.weapon master switch between ur two handed weapon and ranged weapon Expert skill: 1.chains of hatred two handed weapon:put chains two characteres within 3 yards,they will be slowed,if they runes 5 yardes away from arbiter,they will be stuned and be moved to arbitor ranged weapon:pushes away surrounding enemies and applies fear debuff to them 2.forbidden trade applies walking dead buff to the character which decrease characters movement speed and slience the character ,as well as retard some percentage of incoming damage for some time,those retarded dmg will be received(cant avoid by switching map) each killes by ur group will decrease the retarding damage,up to 100% ps:walking dead buff cant be purified 3.soul reaping passive:each enemy killed by ur group will creates a soul fragment soul fragment exists for some time and can be destroyed by arbiter,expired soul fragment can heal ur goup member within 2yards of the fragment,destory these fragments can get different effects: two-handed weapon:increase pene and accuracy for ur group member ranged weapon:applies a shield that absorbes some dmg to ur group member ps:theres a maxinum number of fragments 4.soul explosion explode all soul fragments,each fragments deals dmg to nearby enemies. 5.erosion two handed weapon:silence an enemy for some time ranged weapon:blockes an enemies ability to auto attack for some time 6.convict use a chain to link character and an enemy,he will take a certain percentage damage u recieved(cant be cast under walking dead buff) 7.conspiracy leave a illusion of ur character and flash to selected area and change ur current weapon ,ur illusion will slows nearby enemy 8.deadmans help select a corpse to take effect,rise a puppet from a corpse,the puppet will help u in combat for some time.Puppets type depends on ur current weapon: two handed weapon:rise a puppet using staff,the puppet can applies risistance buff to the character ,when puppet expires,character will get extra pene parameter. ranged weapon:rise a puppet using sword and shield,which applyies damage reduction buff to character,when puppet expires,character will get extra atuo attack range for some time
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