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Warspear Online


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Anyone played Warspear Online? This game is aliv xender e? How is Pvp mode? This game p2w?

Thanks.  omegle

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On 3/17/2022 at 11:56 AM, Prayer said:

Alive game.

Based community/moderators.

Good pvp. 

Mostly p2w BUT you can easily play with no money

I agree with this guy. I only spend money during events such as Spring and Horror and I can confirm it's not as p2w as many other games. Pvp is a bit ganky if you don't know what your doing along with skill time management. 

As for the population it depends on server. US, EU, and Russia's servers are the most populated

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1. yes

2.surviving, mostly old players

3.PvP is in a constant loop of being unbalanced in a way or another with a constant fight of both factions to find a broken tattic the other one cant counter in any way, 1v1 is not balanced on any point

4. YES, one of the main items nedded to do some good upgrades in the game is basicaly locked behind premiun currency making you have to trade with p2w players in order to get it as f2p, but its doable in f2p with enough effort and good relation with the community to get help/easier way to get hands on such items. and pve is relatively easy if you know what you are doing whiout making nedded massive upgrades wich people do in the pvp part of the game, but you will need a Big Grind in order to get on step with the others


a game you want to play with friends, you do not want to be alone in the game

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