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Amaizing SUGGESTION. [With Poll, please read]


Do you support the idea of Class PK?  

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  1. 1. Do you support the idea of Class PK?

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Honest to god Warspear admins. Read my bloody suggestions >:(


All I ask if for you to read it & consider?



Class PK tournament 


When you click menu then arena, you should be able to select from the normal arena and class PK. Class PK is basically like arena except it is 1 on - against your own class, the tournament winner may receive a special prize + their name will appear orange rather than white for 5 data or until the next tournament . 


If the name colour change Is a problem for other factions then the winner receives a special costume that symbolizes something like a Fighter uniform with a crown. ( fighter costume in miracle shop).


This costume can last until the next tournament and may be won again . :)







Just think about it! I want a way to see who's top Rogue, Ranger, Bladedancer, Shaman, Druid or Barbarian (:







Char: Radioheart



( full +9 now! Yay for me )

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again, fight about who have more money, in that way, they may accept bcoz ppl will use 8000mc to get all items +5-+8 then get as a prize, a costume that last few days and would cost 7000mc less than what they use...

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