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Map legend bug


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NOTE: Try to add more bugs related to the title to be fixed at the comments! :)



This topic is most likely need to fix due to that it is related to quest.


Some map legends of quest; more likely of them:

!, !, , ?, ?; all of them can be located at the map.


But, some of these signs are invisible at map but visible at the area. This seems to be a problem for natural quest-seekers that seeks quest to earn gold and some rewards, like potions, that they need to do more quest or to farm.


For example at quest-giver Vittair; the area map and the direct quest-giver doesn't match.


For WS Online Community; please fix this as soon as possible, so players that usually entertain by quests can relief.




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Yes that always has been noticed, but it has become rather more frequent.

Restarting the game use to often help with the issue.

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