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Charmer unbalanced

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I've been thinking about this subject of nerfing the charmer... I think the devs should review the nerfs they are preparing.

Because some nerfs can destroy someone's character.


I understand why they buffed the call from 30s to 22s, but also they haven't looked at what it would do, maybe because it was buffed in the test server days.


Currently you can't remove the Christmas relic from the call, many charmers already have it equipped and are even equipped with Christmas items just to have more fury to activate the relic.

But you can't leave it as it is either, the mechanics of the relic in the call are very broken.

The current mechanic is that as long as the charmer is in rage active, the dog will do critical damage to attacks and continue doing as long as rage is active in the charmer. This makes the relic 5x more effective than any other when equipped on call, because the dog can attack about 5 times until the rage wears off, or even more if the rage activates again.

Basically a single activation of fury causes massive damage.


My suggestion is that:


When the rage activates, the dog's next attack will crit, and it won't do any more crits, until the rage activates again.


This would make it more balanced like the other abilities the relic can equip, and "rage charmers" can use it normally, as they'll have enough rage to keep triggering all the time.


And you can't put a limit on the dogs he can summon either, because of the "charmers cd", which have accessories and reload equipment, they set up their character to summon more dogs, putting a limit would destroy their character.

The only limit you could set is to nerf the dog's lifespan, and decrease the lifespan increase that the pact skill gives. This would balance the charmer without breaking the "charmers cd" purpose.

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Another reason to nerf the relic mechanics is because of books and other fury-related relics.

I don't know if there are charmers with these books, but it would be a big problem because these books would come to the game when the Christmas event arrives.


There's a book that increases rage by 6%, basically about the same amount you get by putting a rage crystal on armor.


There's another book that automatically triggers rage when 2 party members in the same location are under control, and worse, triggers rage for all party members !


And even worse, there's a book that automatically activates the rage when the character deals critical damage or critical healing!! This makes the rage last even longer because the relic does critical damage while the rage is active!!


The charmer can activate the rage without even attacking, and with this relic, it's almost an auto-win.


Players assemble their charmers with fury gear, sacrifice other important stats, while others buy books and relics and have more chances to activate fury than these other charmers, without any effort!!







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