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Mastering the Ship Graveyard (or simply T5) sector of Ayvondil - Squash US Sapphire


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Mastering the Ship Graveyard (or simply T5) sector of Ayvondil:-


Hi fellow player! Wondering why another T5 guide? While many players are already making the most of the T3 (Black Oak Forest) and T4 (Flying Islands) sectors by doing the Daily Quests and Dungeons, the T5 (Ship Graveyard) sector is still quite unpopular among many players. Why so? It is because of the initial challenges that players face in this sector. What are these challenges and how to overcome them? What are the rewards that are waiting for you in the T5 sector? How to gradually master this territory and how to quest independently in this sector? These are some of the questions this guide will attempt to help you with!


Contents –

1.      Preparing for T5

    a.      Challenge Number 1: Oxygen

    b.      Challenge Number 2: Underwater Walking Speed

    c.      Challenge Number 3: Fighting underwater monsters

    d.      Your Friend Number 1: Reputation with the Mermen of Depths

    e.      Your Friend Number 2: Talents

    f.       Your Friend Number 3: Pirate Doubloons


2.      Questing in T5


1.      Preparing for T5

T5 is the most challenging and yet the most rewarding part of the game. The mobs in this sector are strong and they have control skills which makes it difficult to defeat them. Thus, it is important to enter this sector with adequate information of what can help you in your quests.


Once you have finished the yellow quests in the Flying Islands (T4), you can proceed with yellow quests in T5. Once you finish some yellow quests in T5, blue quests will also begin to unlock in a phased manner. Once you have finished the yellow quest for Sea Tramps normal level, all blue quests will be unlocked.


This sector is significantly different than other areas/maps in the game. You will walk slower underwater than on land in the beginning. Gradually you can increase your walking speed underwater and interestingly you can even walk faster underwater than on land in later stages. But lets come back to this in a bit. First and foremost, what are the important challenges of T5? and how to prepare for them?


a.      Challenge Number 1: Oxygen

All characters begin with 15 units of maximum oxygen level. When you enter water, you start consuming this oxygen. When you have depleted this oxygen, you will have to use an oxygen tank (from miracle coins) or an oxygen vial (rewarded from quests) for continuing your journey further underwater.


Your first friend in this case is something that reduces the oxygen consumption and in turn your oxygen lasts longer. This can be achieved through equipment and potions/scrolls. There are also Talents that reduce oxygen consumption, but we will cover Talents later in an upcoming section.


Equipment that reduces oxygen consumption are called as “Helmet of Diver ..”. These are helmets that have an attribute which reduce the oxygen consumption by 30%. An example helm is shown in the picture below.


image.png.61a3d7ebf06e82d4162645dd24abe638.png   image.png.e4eeb33b3e8f72512f1cba3f17aeacaa.png


These are, of course, available in Heavy/light/cloth categories and can be purchased at the Smuggler NPC in the main town of T5. These can be purchased for the currency: “Pirate Doubloons”. We will cover about this currency in an upcoming section.


Some of the Potions/Scrolls that will help reduce oxygen consumption are shown in the picture below,


image.png.79280f435d0c52df6f598c1e141634a2.png   image.png.9a42720f7ab3a2cb117525256a089755.png


There are also scrolls that are rewarded from blue quests which can help you but I don’t recommend using them. They are worth a lot of gold which can be earned by selling them to NPC. My personal favorite is the Diver’s Revitalizing Mixture. This potion sells for very cheap during Ship Graveyard chest sale and is the best potion because it also increases your energy.


Your second friend is something that increases your maximum oxygen capacity and in this case that is the Reputation with Mermen of Depth. We will talk more about the reputation later but for this section, Maximum oxygen capacity increases to 17/19/22 at 5000/15000/35000 reputation.


Now time for the next underwater challenge!


b.     Challenge Number 2: Underwater Speed

Your underwater walking speed is significantly slower than on land without any bonuses. This is one of the reasons why many people are afraid of this territory. But from my personal experience, gradually progressing from slow to extremely fast underwater walking speed is much easier than you think.  Just like in the case of Oxygen, equipment and scrolls can help you increase your underwater walking. Talents and Merman reputation help too. How much speed is increased in terms of percentages will be added to this guide in future, but for now it can be said that each increase is noticeable.


Equipment that increase underwater walking speed are called as “Flippers of Diver ..”. These are boots  that have an attribute which increases the underwater walking speed. An example boot is shown in the picture below. These also can be purchased for Pirate Doubloons at the Smuggler in T5 town.




Scrolls/Food that can increase your underwater walking speed are as follows. While the Blue one can be received from Ship Graveyard Chests, the latter one can be bought at Smuggler. Both can be used at the same time.


image.png.0c9da9a92e1973c3129a72b6f14dafa5.png    image.png.99b0b2e379bedea36517ae0110d7edb3.png


Your underwater walking speed also increases at 5000/15000/35000 reputation with Mermen of Depth. At 35000, your underwater walking speed is same as on land (if there are no other walking speed bonus). Talents can also increase your underwater walking speed. To summarize, your underwater walking speed increases with following accomplishments/bonuses –

1.      5000 merman reputation

2.      15000 merman reputation

3.      35000 merman reputation

4.      Flippers of Diver’s

5.      Scroll of Underwater Speeding up

6.      Smoked Marlin

7.      Talent: Calm Swimming

8.      Talent: Swimming Technique

9.      Summon White Rat minion

10.   Classless Skill Book: Might of Depths


That’s a total of atleast 10 possible different bonuses.


From my personal experience, the easiest way to obtain underwater walking speed is to get flippers and then merman reputation, ask your Pirate Doubloon rich friend to gift you Smoked Marlins and finally the two Talents.


c.      Challenge number 3: Fighting the Strong Underwater monsters

An earlier famous guide already enlists some of the monster types and their dangers. Here we will focus on what type of equipment you will need to tackle them with ease. Obviously, it has to be divided into two categories: 1. Weapons, 2. Gears


Before diving into that, lets quickly try to understand our enemies. The entire Ship Graveyard can be roughly divided into two halves, The upper half and the Lower Half.




Most of the monsters in the upper half are generally weaker than the monsters in the lower half. Monsters can be divided into 4 categories –

1.      Normal Monster – These have a green crown image.png.4e0fd367b8ce4ea0e46a2bc56bbf09df.png

2.      Strong Monster – These have a blue crown image.png.b2b5dd8e743cb76c539592515fd074a6.png

3.      Elite Monster – These have a yellow crown image.png.d98af335cbf0644662879faa9a7a8dd2.png

4.      Boss / Raid boss – Well, there is no need to explain the difference between a monster and a boss


As the level of monster increases, their attack strength and defensive strength as well as chances to use control skills on you also increases. An example of an Elite monster are the pirates inside the sunken ship. Try to fight with them and you instantly see they will use atleast 2 to 3 debuffs or control skills before one of you defeats the other. There are more Strong/Elite monsters in the lower half of map than the upper half.


Now as we understand our enemy a little better, lets try to see how to work on our equipment to become stronger to fight them.


1.  Weapons

When it comes to weapons, the most useful weapons are the Sea Weapons, which again, can be purchased from our dear Smuggler in the town. These weapons contain the attribute Depth’s Fury which is an extremely useful attack parameter underwater. Depth’s Fury does not only increase your basic attacks, it also increases your critical attack strength. For example, if your base attack strength is 1000 and your Depth’s Fury is 40%, your normal hit to monsters (without counting for their defense) underwater should be 1000 + 40% = 1400… As well as your critical hit should be 1400*2+40% = 3920! Actual calculations are much more complicated than this, but it should give you a rough idea.


There are also sea weapons awarded from blue quests, but these are not good enough and a better idea would be to wait till you get your Lord’s Sea Weapon from smuggler and until then depend on scrolls to increase your Depth’s Fury. Now that we are talking about scrolls, the best scroll to increase your Depth’s Fury is shown below. It is received from Ship Graveyard chest and is usually sold for very cheap prices. It increases your Depth’s Fury by 11.6%




Another personal recommendation: when you get that sea weapon, amplify it. It definitely pays off in the longer term and considerably increases your attack strength underwater. Enchant it with Bloodlust crystal even if it is at low level of amplification. In general Depth’s Fury is more beneficial than normal attack strength.


For other attack parameters, Critical Hit is the most important parameter. The more critical hits, the more you benefit from Depth’s Fury. Accuracy is also very important because most underwater mobs have a very high Dodge% which means you need high Accuracy to fight them. I personally place these two parameters above Penetration for the Seas.


2. Gears

From earlier suggestions, The Diver’s Helm and Boots are undoubtedly the best underwater equipment. However, rest of the gears vary differently by class and personal preferences. Even then, what is important is to have certain defensive Parameters which will help you underwater. And one of the most important is – Resistance.


When you fight 2 or more monsters underwater together (which will happen very frequently), chances are that you will face hydrophobia and stun constantly in a cycle. And before you respond, you will be already dead. To avoid or atleast reduce this kind of situation, Resistance is the best parameter. With Resistance, you have a good chance to bread the deadlock of non-stop control skills by resisting one of them in between. This gives you time to kill some monsters and hence bring the situation in “your” control.


Another important parameter is “Solidity”. Remember that monsters in Ship Graveyard have an “Increased Critical Damage hit”. To make things worse, some of them also have a very high critical hit %. Which means, they will hit you with more critical hits and with high damage. Solidity will reduce the number of critical hits that you take. There is no one golden number. But you never have enough solidity till you have at least 25-30% solidity.


Lastly, “Steal Health” is another important parameter for damage/tank classes because you will lose health fast hence the only way to regain health fast is to “Steal” it.


a.      Your Friend Number 1: Reputation with Mermen of Depths

We mention this a few times before already. But what is reputation with Mermen of Depths and how to gather it?




Like most other reputations in the Ayvondil Map, you will gain reputation with Merman of Depths after doing some yellow quests and everyday after doing some blue quests. There are many other ways to gain it and some of them are as follows –


1.      Daily Quests from the Mermen (middle island T5) – About 500 Daily

2.      Guild event: Descent into a Grotto – 300 each time

3.      Guild vs Guild Event: Mermen Trials – Upto 1200

4.      Guild vs Guild Event: Invasion of Chaos – Upto 1200

5.      Dungeon: Lair of Sea Tramps – Upto 600 daily (upto 1800 daily on 3x Reputation weeks)

6.      Raid boss kills – 100 reputation each per death of raid boss Octopus/Orcinus in area

7.      Exchanging your Spring Event reputation for this reputation


Unlike most other reputations, this reputation is expendable. It can be used to purchase Talents. Talents are reputation expensive and one should focus on building the reputation slowly and consistently. Participate in Raid boss kills, Participate in Guild events, do daily quests and encourage your Guild members to join for Guild events.


Important Note:

1.      When you spend your reputation to study Talents, your reputation goes down naturally and you will lose any “stage” bonus that you had. For example, Squash had 35000 merman reputation and consequently he had 22 maximum oxygen level and 100% underwater walking speed bonus. However, Squash deemed it necessary to study X talent for 6400 reputation and thus – he gained the talent but his reputation went down to 28600. Thus, his oxygen and walking speed bonus reduced to the 15000 level. That is, 19 Maximum Oxygen and 80% underwater walking speed.

2.      The maximum reputation level is 35000 beyond which no more reputation is collected. Thus, if you want to keep studying talents, you should study a talent when you are close to 35000 rep. Otherwise any excess reputation that you gather beyond 35000 is lost.


b.     Your Friend Number 2: Talents

Talents are passive bonuses that you gain when you study them in the Menu > Character > Talents section. Some of these talents work in the entire Ship Graveyard (Land + Underwater) while some of them only work underwater. The earlier published guide mentions about talent names the cost to study them. Here, I would list some of the most important talents which usually go unnoticed –

1.      Dodging tactics: This talent gives you 6% chance to avoid critical blow underwater at 3/3 level. This is equivalent to having an additional 6% solidity underwater. 6% less critical hits – isn’t that very useful?

2.      Swimming Techniques: This talent gives you extra 10% underwater walking speed when you consume an oxygen vial. When you have done daily quests in T5, you will realize you get plenty of oxygen vials in reward. What to do with them? When you enter water, just use one of them and you get extra 10% walking speed. Isn’t that great?

3.      Long-Lasting Defense, Preventing Hydrophobia and Survivability are some other important talents which are very useful underwater. Tank classes with high solidity can avoid Survivability talents but this is very useful for damage and healer/control classes.


c.      Your Friend Number 2: Pirate Doubloons

Pirate Doubloons is a currency that can be used to buy Sea Weapons, Flippers, Helms and other potions/scrolls from the Smuggler in T5. This is one of the most important currencies. It can be obtained by doing the following things –


1.      Guild event: Assault of the Ship (750 amount rewarded)

2.      Guild event: Descent into a Grotto (750 amount rewarded)

3.      The 3 boss kill quests: Inker, Levadis and Admiral (80 amount daily)


The fastest way to collect Pirate Doubloons is to join a Bigger guild for a few days and join the Guild events daily with them. Technically, you get this reputation for free and thus you can buy your sea weapons and other gears for free! Isn’t that awesome?


Pirate Doubloons can also be used to teleport to certain islands in the Ship Graveyard from the Tew Pilot NPC in T5 town. Once you have excess of Pirate Doubloons, its easy to teleport to Sea Tramps Dungeon or Merman Sanctuary Dungeon. You don’t need to walk  every time.


2.      Questing in T5

There are two types of quests that you will get in T5 (roughly)




1.      From the main town of T5 – Thunderbird Pirate

These quests usually reward Thunderbird pirate reputation and usually require you to do tasks in the upper half of Ship Graveyard. The maximum thunderbird pirate reputation you can collect is 5000 and once you achieve the “Friendly” status (i.e. 5000 rep), the guards inside T5 town are no more hostile towards you.


The Thunderbird pirate reputation is also linked with the levels of Sea Tramp dungeon that you can access. For Easy level 700 reputation is required, for Normal level 2100 reputation is required, for Hard level 3500 reputation is required and for Heroic/Mythical 5000 reputation is required.


In general, if you have decent equipment and sea weapon amplified upto +6/+7 level, you should be able to do most of these quests alone. However, if you are not there yet, take a friend with you and both of you can do the quests together. You can get the quests done faster, and both of you will get rewards for submitting your quests. The more players together, the better. Just like T3/T4 quests


Finally, These quests are very rewarding. You get gold reward, guild points, crimson corrondums, scrolls (which you can sell to NPC for gold), oxygen vials, life scrolls, signs of imperishability and even a Pirate Key!!!


Pirate keys are your keys to success. Pirate chests give you Pirate Doubloons and a level 30 weapon or level 29 rare belts or even classless skill books!


2.      From the middle island of T5 / Trade island – Mermen of Depths

These quests usually reward the Mermen of Depths reputation and usually require you to do tasks in the lower half of Ship Graveyard. The maximum merman of depths reputation you can collect is 35000. Minimum 5000 reputation is required to enter the Merman’s Sanctuary Dungeon. This dungeon drops the best of best equipment in game.


While some of these quests unlock when you are doing yellow quests in T5, almost all blue merman quests will be unlocked when you have complete the yellow quest for Sea Tramps Normal level Dungeon.


Let us be straight here. The lower half of the map is a dreadful place. If you have decent gears, +8/9 sea weapon, and some talents, you can do most of the quests alone. But you have to be smart. Avoid the mobs that you don’t need to kill, cross maps safely and isolate monsters and kill them alone one by one. Once you master the technique of navigating the map safely and managing to kill mobs by one by one alone, you will absolutely enjoy this part of the game. Why? Because it is certainly the most rewarding place in the game. While the rewards discussed in previous section also apply here, there are many more quests from Mermen which increase your chances of getting the Pirate Key and other rewards. Not forgetting the Mermen of depth reputation which you can use to study the talents.


A party of atleast 2-3 people should be able to easily navigate the map and do most of the quests. A general route that can be followed to do the quests, is as follows  




Credits: This image is sourced from a popular existing guide on T5 in the guides section of forum because on PC version I cannot take a screenshot of the entire map.


Hope this guide has given you enough ideas for exploring and surviving the Ship graveyard and will ultimately help you for Mastering the Ship Graveyard!


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