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How to build a Ranger (TIPS)

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Hello Warspear people!


Well, most should know how to build a good archer. But some people don't know how.

For that reason I do this little guide for those new players.

1.- Always choose armor having HP= HEALTH POINTS. (don't worry, the armor you give away some quest).

2.-Assign your skill points:

Lv1-8 : Lv. 5  POWERFUL skill.

Lv 10-14: Lv 5 BLESSING skill.

Lv 16-20: Lv 5 SCATTER SHOT skill.

It is important to follow this order, Ranger needs good damage and HP.

I think that the ability to "dogde" was never useless.

This works great for those professional players, meaning that if you want this to work, you need to use equipment with "dogde" attributes (cape,  rings, amulet, armor, boots, etc) And add "rune evasion" enchant anything.

With this I assure good evasion, and don't forget to assign points to the "Dogde" skill to Lv5.

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Its not to late to save yourself..... this class sucks ass


My purpose is to give advice to new Ranger players. You can take your apathy to another place. ;)

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Well, the refining system needs some good changes, apparently nobody thinks any idea. :? Most play for fun, and improve with time, It took me about 4 months.

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