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  1. It may team up with the enemies to go to dungeons ? (Legions / Sentinels) :?
  2. it's true, Should create a new mode: PERSONAL DUNGEON where we can go alone to Dungeons and collect some gold (50g per mobs. So you don't get bored when the dungeon are empty and without players. |:
  3. First Lv 22: Snorlax/Roland :good:
  4. Many skill, little HP :facepalm: It's time to add more HP to heroes, 30% more HP each character would be nice.
  5. Happy Day Warspear! :good: Good Mini Event (I hope for more events)
  6. I think version 3.13 is now available for Symbian
  7. Yeah! Joker' season has returned :yahoo: (I'll not take anything again) :D
  8. I think they didn't think about it :|
  9. Second Rogue to Mountains clans :?
  10. Warspear should think about adding one last faction with 2 new characters (New skills are good but need more challenges) :good:
  11. This is really funny :rofl:
  12. My opinion would be ... Improve/replace Roar skill for some trap skill, example: Ability to 'Push', Ability to 'Confuse' (Change the direction of movement of the enemy).
  13. Symbian's players will have to wait a month to play version 3.13 %)
  14. Now Arena battle belongs to Guild's players, it's a shame for normal players. :|
  15. Razones por la que crearon servidor y añadieron el idioma Brasilero: Mayor porcentaje de jugadores brasileros en Warspear (35% Br, 20% latinos, 45% Internacionales aprox.) Otro motivo sería por el Mundial 2014, que se realizará en Brasil. En mi opinión.
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