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need some anwers


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  First of all i would like to greet you all a happy new year,, Well I want to  ask what happened to our Daily chests??? I mean I have x99 chest before update on my mailbox where did my chest went???? on my chest i have golds from market sales and gifts that's still inside that chests ,,,,


idk if Im the only one who experienced this,,



I need answers,, i hope my post will gain justice  :wacko:

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Hey developers, Im getting tired of this! Each update you do messes up with each player's personal economy and thats fuc.king wrong, We bought Holiday Bags last year holloween and we could get a costume on 3 sets. I bought more that 200 Pumpkin Treasury and All i got where those dam cards. Bought 100 Snowy Casket and got hundred of Cocktails  :facepalm:

You prohibited the Dialy Chest stacking so that we hav less chance of getting rare stuff like Barber Set? Leading everything to Mcoins AGAIN

What do we need to fix the players personal economy? Rikin???!!

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