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How to be Level 6 Arena Player! [Guide][UPDATED]


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Hello Warspear Players!


(I made this post,because I saw a lot of people asking in the world chat "How to be Level 6 Arena Player")


In this post I'm going to tell you how to become level 6 arena player.

1.What class should I play?

This step is very IMPORTANT!Here you must choose what you want to be.


1.2.If you want to be Supporting Player.






1.3.If you want to be "Fast Killer" :D






(This are the main bursting classes)


1.4.If you want to be tanking player.

(Now,these classes are good because the have hight armor and also they can do hight amount of damage!)








2.How should I start?

After you reach level 6 you must buy the Novice Set.

Once you have it don't think that you are geared and ready for battles,because you are not!


First you should start farming gold.There are many ways to do that.


1.Buy Miracle Coins and sell items

2.If you have highter level character go farm gold with him by doing quests.

3.If you have highter level character go and hunt bosses like Granite Guard or Genie!

After you get some gold you should use it toamplificate your items.

After you are done with amplificating you can try to enchant your items with great charms!

(If you don't know what means "great charms" I will write it in the bottom of this guide!)


(Warning!Do not amplify your Novice Boots,Waist and Gloves,because when you get some arena points u will have to get the arena items.)


When you have your weapon on atleast +7 you can join Arena Battle.You can also try to buy the Small Ice Queen Amulet and Rings.They are expensive,but also very usefull,because they will grant you 15% bonus damage!

Now you need to farm Arena Points,and also u need to try to get highter rank.


3.Other Tips

I prefer to find a good arena partner,not just to go with random person,because in 70% of the fights u will be with low geared partner and most likely you will lose the match.


3.1 Tip for Rogues

If you are going to play rogue you should buy Novice Rogue Outfit AND the Novice Bladedancer Outfit,because rogues are able to equip blades too.


Now when u have them equip the rogue items and the bladedancer's blades.


The reason for this is because blades will grant you with highter damage than the daggers.


After that you can sell the remaining 20x Repair Scrolls for a good price,and that will grant you extra money for the amplificating.



"[glow=red,2,300]Great Charms[/glow]"(I will use BladeDancer as a simple)

-When you buy Crystal of Fury or any other crystal from the Miracle Shop and than you enchant your item with it you have a chance to make this enchant with critical effect,which means that you will get better than the normal effect of that enchant.

If you don't get the [glow=red,2,300]Great Enchant[/glow] from the first time u can always buy more crystals and try again.


Here is a video by Jayrox(Bladedancer)

(In this video he is trying amplificating his Blade of Sudden Doom with Great Charms.)


5.YouTube Video Makers

List of some YouTubers!










(Let me now if I missed someone.)

Thanks for reading this Guide.I hope I helped you! :)


I will update this post if i have other tips to show you!


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Well... Mcoins users may be millionaires since to night to day. Too bad I'm not one of them as my country can not buy coins, but no matter, still I have my weapons  6s  7s (hard to  8 out mcoins) .__.'

Ah! I'm surprised that those who are fortunate enough to buy Mcoins have better things and not know how to play (0% brain) .____.?

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I was level 6 arena player.Everyone has different play style.If u play arenas on level 20,dont think that everyone will do that.Don't write commentars like these,because I don't care what level arenas are the best.

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Whats the point in lvl 6 arena chars? Lvl 20 arena too hard for you? Like having unfair advantage over newbies?



Lets just say its cheaper and less time consuming. It's true that arena toons will have the advantage over new players, but arena is for the taking and those demanding will eventually know what they are getting themselves into.



As for the the differences between the lvl tiers of arena.. there is not much at all if you really think about it, just less skill points and gear is cheaper the lower the level.

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Bd goes into the fast killer category. and its a total waste of signs to amp your shyt if you are a caster. you can be hyper cool at lvl4 or 5 too, and you dont need a novice, only being pro.

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