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New lvl18 Items

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Dear devs

Could you explain us why Mc's get Elf weapons and Elfs get mc weapons?!

That's pretty dumb, what am i supposed to do with a mace? It just wastes bagspace and is useless for a Warlock.

My idea is to make a Faction-across market dealer where elfs and mcs can trade (theres a lot elf stuff like decorative skins and other crap on mc side) or 1. replace the new elf weapons with mc ones and 2. Prevent that we get more elf weapons from chests.

That mc get mc weapons and on the opposite the same is the only logical solution, no idea why we get elf weapons too :facepalm:

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I was about to post the very same thing.


On Legion side, all I have seen is players getting items that only Sentinels can use (bow, crossbow, 1h mace, 2h mace, sun staff, sun ring, sun amulet)

Or items that both sides can use ( 1h sword, 1h dagger, shield, 1h  axe, 2h axe, moon staff, moon ring, moon amulet, melee rings, melee amulets)


meanwhile, on Sentinel side, all I have seen is legion items (2h sword, spear, dark staff, dark ring, dark amulet)

or items that both sides can use.


so its not just me, there are others who also see this as a bug.


it reminds me of the time when Forsaken classes first came out, and they were getting quest items with sun magic on the first island.,

If I am wrong, please, someone correct me if you or anyone you know has gotten faction-appropriate items from Sam Hains Casket.


otherwise, I would like an answer from devs, please and thanks.


Опубликованное фото


Опубликованное фото


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