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Important Question needed to be answered before 3.8!!!!!


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I just realized the the Greatness set( cape and amulet) will give a 5% Pysical Dmg.... So, What will happen if a magic user wins the set??! For example.... What will I do if my mage wins it? Shove that useless Pysical Damage were I can? This needs to be fixed, and if you already answered this, then my apologies.

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bt wtf is this.. 15% means amulet +cape =30%+2ring with 5% sun dmg =40% ..means if some have 350 sun..he get 300 more sun extra? Due to 40% sun dmg ? Wtf


It's okay. I think that the percentage is added to the damage you already have. So according to my brief calculations their power would be 510 (350 base damage with two rings (x1.05 each) and cloak and amulet (both x1.15)). So congratulations to anyone with such stats and gear! :)
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510 sun :D :D enough for kill whole 5v5 enemy party in 2 sec :D :D when ur scater and tp skill can hit 1k+ :D or crit 1500 near ... :facepalm:


all find a hidy hole XD
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