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Black: He is an old fashion gambler, from all the games he prefers poker, he is is strong but he is very bad, he doesn’t like to loose.

White: He is serif, also he is legend at gambling, he is very smart and he has a lot of money, he never loose at the end.

Orange: He is bad serif, he is gambling to find someone to duel him because he lost, he is also very good but he gambling for fun.

Blue: He is very good at gambling but he is fire maniac, he had burn a whole city because a guy try cheat him, since then they call him "flame deck".









1.....Black gambler front Hat symbol....  It’s a spade, as a gambler his favourite symbol is one from a card deck.


2.....Something hidden in his sleeves.... It’s a card, he don't like to loose so he always has a hidden card in his sleeves.


3.....Belt and 2 guns.... Belt is necessary accessory for well dressed men, also it help him to equip his guns, gambling becomes very dangerous some times.


4.....Rear Hat symbol.... Its a bunny feet, everyone knows that bunny feet are extremely lucky, and in a poker game you need the luck with your side.


5.....Something hidden in his sleeves.... It’s the hidden card (look spot 2).


6.....Something on his cape.... It’s the rear view of the symbol on his cape.


7.....They are heels from his boots.... Like Wild West now some gamblers used to wear boots with big sole, it’s also useful because Las Vegas is in desert.


8.....Back Hat.... It’s his 4 lucky ambers, there are beads but they look like eyes, gamblers has a lot of enemies so they must to watch their backs.


9.....Black gambler cape symbol.... As his hat symbol its an ace of spades, its his favourite card.


10.....White gambler front Hat symbol.... It’s a star, he is serif and like every serif he wears his star.


11.....Something in white gambler sleeves.... It’s not a hidden card, a good serif never cheats, they are his cufflinks.


12.....Inside the cape.... Its gold silk, he is very good gambler and he wins a lot of money so he spend a lot for dressing well.


13.....Outside the cape.... Its gold silk (look spot 12).


14.....White gambler cape symbol.... It’s a crown, he is the king of cards so he is wearing his crown.


15.....Orange gambler front hat symbol.... It’s a star, he is a serif but his logo is "First shoot, after questions" so he has gain the fame of a bad serif.


16.....Orange gambler cape symbol.... There are 2 crossed revolvers (Wild West guns), he is the fastest at gun duels.


17.....Blue gambler hat symbol.... They are fires, he is a fire maniac, he loves the fire and he burns his enemy in them.


18.....Blue gambler cape symbol.... Its a fire, nothing stronger than a big fire.


19.....Dress symbol



Ps for snorlax: if different symbols are counting as different dress then i join the contest only with the white, don’t count the others. Thanks ::)



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There's a touch of the gambler in anybody really competitive and somebody that's willing to conced that to succeed,sometimes you need to cut corners and to make bold


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