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  1. Iran

    fun bugs

    This is fun bug....
  2. 1-iran- http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?action=profile 2-Ehsan 3-23 4-Iran 5-Bachelor IT 6-yes 7-Was Developer/Admin of forum 8-Everyday, 8am-11pm GMT 9-A good supervisor or manager must be able to properly monitor and manage users' jobs. Even if a question is not an act of his eyes away in order to act according to rules and to maintain users' satisfaction. 10-Most users are looking for innovations and changes that will improve. Of course, a guest can be absorbed by a user or if the accident was attracted to stories that are so attractive and great to join the effort. 11-Talk online forum for all users - View the best threads to Members and Guests - News Updates for Members and guests - 12-Perhaps this is a task for me since I have seen a different game or even its designer, but this one is very rare. Why should not I try to do his best! 13-Each part may need help. 14-yes 15-US-Sapphire/koroosh/pernicious
  3. Iran

    Online Payment

    i have too this page but dont have offer buy clear list :facepalm:
  4. i play with: 1-pc windows client (good) 2-pc android virtual (blustacks) -(have low lag) 3-sony xperia Z ultra (good)
  5. Iran

    Online Payment

    So we'll wait and see what the polls say users.
  6. Iran

    Online Payment

    i like green font and google play payment is'nt from warspear
  7. Iran

    Online Payment

    google play payment for warspearexample:paypal,visa...
  8. Iran

    Online Payment

    Hi Dear Players If you want Google Play payment service game to add to your review here stated. You can vote here or by writing your comment, please express your opinion. Virtual Pay with Google Android users can be added and more convenient to charge your account.
  9. yes its now too long that our guild scammed our leader tried to buy guild back but that leader is off all the time and always 0 gp in guild list please help help help us and give our guild back :'(
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