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Skills Rework Ideas

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Warlock skills:

Grimoire: Increases Cooldown Reduction by 10-15-20-25% and Physical and Magical Defense by 25-30-35-40% for 6-9-12-15 seconds.




Stone Body: 

(Basically the same effects)

After the end of the skill, increases 20-30-40-50% of Physical Defense for 2-3-4-5 seconds.


Charmer skills:


Goading: Basically the same effects, but instead of single-target, make a 3x3 area (because everyone wants an area-agro skill)


Energy Manipulation:

Nobody likes it.

Nobody really USES it.

If someone buys this skill, it's just a lv 32 Charmer that have too much money and want to have all the 14 skills.

It needs a HUGE rework, like a passive that increases regeneration of mana when it's low (COF COF Secret Mana Reserve), or something like that.


My idea is:


Energy Manipulation

Every damage during the skill effects steals the enemy's Mana according to 12 - 3 - 4% of the damage dealt.


Looks a little percentage, but remember, it's not like Vampirism, because the characters has more HP than Mana.



Let's say that a Mace Charmer has 800 of Physical Damage, so a Wolf's hit would steal 32 mana at 4/4. Depending on the duration, it can regenerate the mana very fast.




Energy Manipulation

Creates a 3x3 area that deals damage and steals Mana from the enemies according to the quantity of enemies on the area.


A mana steal area that works like the Paladin's Banner.

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18 часов назад, Khrone сказал:

If you have a suggestion of a skill rework (don't matter if you play with the class or not), say it here!

All skill reworks should be posted in the corresponding section of each class in "Class Discussion", I think.

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20 минут назад, Khrone сказал:

It would need a post in every topic :v

i don't know if the rules allow it

In section "Suggestion" posts must have only one suggestion (as I remember) and if it is about a class, it should be properly placed in "Class Discussion".
It is OK, if you post 1 topic in each class section.

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