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FAQ about reasons of blocking access to the game

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This thread is an adaptation of our rules of conduct and end user licence agreement (EULA). We hope that this guide will provide answers on the most common and popular questions.



Here listed most common reasons why you could get block from the game:

Rule #1. The most important rule:

Access to the account is granted only to those person who registered it. Using account in the other way will be considered as violation of EULA and  Rules of Conduction

  • If other players (friend, brother, relative, etc.) have got an access to your account, one of the punishments from the rules of conduct will be implemented, because these data should be kept secret.
  • If you've get an access to the account, that wasn't created by you, one of the punishments from the rules of conduct will be implemented and your access to this account will be denied.


Messaging about sale/buying/trading accounts or characters


Trade/sale/buy game items for non-game valuables
Disseminating information of intention to buy/sale/trade account or character may (and in most cases – will) cause temporal or permanent full denial of game access. Type and period of denial game access determines  individually. Repeated violation of rules of conduction and EULA wull cause permanent ban.


  • Player Z: sell mage, fast
  • Player K: trade rogue to BD, pm
  • Player U: will change outfit to priest
  • Player J: What the price for my top ranger lvl 13?


Creating and using more than 2 accounts
You are able to create and use (not at the same time from 1 device) only 2 accounts with 6 characters on each. 


Using bugs and game errors



Using bugs and errors in payment systems Even if you didn't know, didn't want and didn't have any intentions.
Right decision: send ticket to the support with full description of found bug.
Wrong decision: continue using game and payment system errors, receive permanent ban for your account and device.


  • Player M decided to create new character, ranger, for example. Accidentally, player purchased 2 bows in shop. After selling back to the trader, you noticed that selling price is bigger than purchasing one. 
  • Player S sent message to purchase some Miracle Coins. He noticed that operator didn't charge him for message and he sent 3000 more messages.



Modifying or hacking game software; using 3rd party software which affects to the game

Example: Player D suddenly found the brilliant skills of programming and created software that was able to kill every boss on Irselnort at the same moment and pick up drop and decided to use it in game.

Attempts to pretend of being the part of administration staff
Sometimes players decide to create characters with almost-the-same-nicknames-as-administrators-have to receive some profit. Remember: GM nicknames are marked with red color in chat. It also relates to chat messages.


  • Player Q: I'm the GM, I have to check your account, give me your login and password
  • Player C: GM is my friend, he will ban, so give me all your gold.

Attention: “random” or “humorous” messages written in any chat room, are the reason for blocking and equals to the happened violation.



Administration never blocks access to the game unreasonable. To clarify the reason for the ban, please send your request to technical support, provide the following information: 

  • login of blocked account
  • names of characters on that account
  • server, where characters were created


Technical support is not obliged to provide any evidences (documents, screenshots, logs, etc...) confirming violation EULA and rules of conduction, which caused full or partial block of access to the gameTerms of locks are determined individually. Repeated violation of the rules may result in permanent blocking of access to the game.

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