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Found 42 results

  1. Mjtov

    Improvement for charmer

    First a note for charmer Should build base on mace & shield and staff as secondary weapon Why? Because with staff call and otherworldly blessing skills get off that mean hero with 4 main skill Only with mace you can use all skills Warden v dk . warlock v mage Necro v priest . druid v shaman Paladin v barb . rogue v seeker Hunter v ranger . ...... And what remains charmer v bd but no. because charmer does not have agro Elf side have 3 tanks so why not in mcs too And barb almost nobody use it as tank for dg So why dont give charmer a tank skill? He has block and good armor
  2. Karanveer

    The over powered classes

    Hi guys and gals I am so glad that gm nerfed the bd and warden they are useless characters i was fool who made bd and wasted my money to amp it +9 my pvp gear and losing against noob charmer who used lvl1 staff against me that fight was like i got troll by game creaters 100% stuns no justice what we should do now we should delete elfs and move to mc side ? Warlocks stun 100% making bds dance is that cool ? Bd skills should change add one dmg skill in expert I can give u a idea gm that you can make 2 different expert skill 1 hurricane and accuracy skill make it one and give a skill to a bd stun skill Do a justice Gm you nerfed counter skill in the name of inbalance now what , are charmer warlock and barb r invisible to u ? Make it a solution of this problem in the name of inbalance in elfs side many bds left game some are my friends this game became one side now mc side I think one of the gm playing charmer and warlock i hope this topic not get delete support me guys stop this unfair skills
  3. Keystore

    The beam in the arena

  4. Oopot

    health steal with call ?

    guys i want to ask a question. if i have health steal in my gear and i summoned the wolf. when the wolf hits enemy, i get the health or the wolf get the health or we both or no one get the health ? xD if i don`t get health. what is the best amulets, caps, and rings for lvl 10 charmer ( no crafted )
  5. Both shamans had level 10 guild buffs while charmer was on level 3 guild. Also buuuu had 2 star war buffs.
  6. Keystore

    Ruberius vs. Kronus

  7. Keystore

    Charmer Tank

  8. Keystore

    In the rear of the enemy!

    When it became boring and decided to kill the elven border guards
  9. Keystore

    The charmer, 50% crit. chance

  10. Now the situation for charmer is embarrassed, because lower charmer run dg without proper expert skills, and don't know how to be a dmger, it make charmer's reputation very bad, people think charmer is a useless class in dg. They are wrong, we can be best dmger in dg, we can be the most useful class in dg, people just don't know it. To be a dmger in dg, u got to have knowledge expert skill, and make physical build, u can be best, just casting all skills without thinking, continually and fast active knowledge, and let ur 5/5 dog keep fighting. I did first DMG in dg20 or BG many times with garbage weapon, I don't fear any class with same lvl of acc, even higher acc, trust me, charmer is not sucks, every pt need a charmer To all other classes: don't doubt a charmer just bcz of his low statistics, U don't know about charmer, U don't know charmer's skills, U don't know what can charmer do. Well, the game server is stopped, got nothing to do but typing, I just say it
  11. don't play this damn class, unless u want to get ur wrist broken. Charmer make main damage by expert skill "knowledge", this damn expert skill need u keep casting ur skills all the time, that mean u got to keep casting all skills u got to active knowledge, I mean it, ALL SKILLS U GOT, u can't stop casting because the expert skill knowledge need it, just imagine that, every skill u got is useful need to be casted, no doubt. And many skills need to press twice bcz u need to select target(include urself), after that u need to select enemy again bcz active auto physical attack, for example if u heal urself or call bird or dog or cast AOE fire skill or darkness, after that u need to select enemy again, otherwise u will lose target just standing there. Charmer got very complex operation. the result is ur wrist will get hurt, and u will feel damn tired. I am so regret to play Charmer, but I can't stop because I already maxed my extra bag and market slot, and all money gone for Charmer! damn it, my fingers and wrist just hurt PS: better way is play it with computer, but it's a mobile game, yeah?
  12. Hey everyone! I've been playing my charmer a lot lately and I really enjoy this class as being a character who can fulfill different roles in a party depending on builds. One thing that bothers me though is the charmers ability to use a one handed mace, with magic damage as the first attribute, and a shield. In a pve setting like running a dungeon or hunting bosses a charmers role is primarily, as i have seen, a backup healer. Since the amount of healing you do is based on magic damage many charmers use staffs instead of magic maces. What I want is a skill that makes using a shield in pve an option. At this moment there isnt much point in using one since it means less magic damage/healing than if you were to use a staff. I dont want charmers to become a primary tank class like dk or barb i dont want charmers to get any agro skills either. That being said here are a couple of my suggestions that would make magic mace/shield using charmers useful in pve. Cursed flames: this would be a skill that would work similarly to the necromancers poison shield except it would be a self buff. Any enemies nearby take a slow ticking damage based on the charmers magic power, this would give the charmer some agro allowing it to take over tanking for a couple of seconds before the actual tank comes in and agros the mobs. Defensive aura: This skill would effect allies standing near you and give them a percentage of your defense at the cost of lowering your own defense Seeing as charmers are doing pretty well in pvp i would really like to see more support and teamplay skills be added to this class. Cheers!
  13. Keystore

    Charmer vs DK. Who win?!