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Found 7 results

  1. Guild Bloodsick is recruiting! Introduction: We are from the US-Sapphire server & on the Legion side. We consider ourselves a family guild, and we try to help our members as much as possible. We are trying to be completely active, from semi-active. We welcome all levels, newcomers and returning players! We also have a very good and organised discord server, to keep in touch with our members. Guild Information: Level - 5 Guild skills passive - Guild skills active - Level requirement - None Status - Semi-Active [We are trying our best to be active in the Legion side, but popualtion is...] GP requirement - 3 000GP [Not too high or low, so we can maintain activity in guild.] Leader - Duckdynsty / Duckdynast Goals / Dreams: At this point, we have enough Guild points to go to level 6 and we are aiming right now to make enough guild points for level 7, along with all the passive guild buffs. We plan to accumulate enough GP for this by february. [Which is apparently the half price guild event]. Obviously when and hopefully it is reached, we will plan another goal for guild. Contact Details: In-game - Duckdynast / Duckdynsty Discord - Duckyy#0016 Discord Server Link - https://discord.gg/BDSSBpCFCh About Leader / Guild: I believe in equality, no special treatment. It is hard to dismiss friends and all, but rules are rules. We try to have fun here and of course prioritize real life first. We don't expect you to throw your whole life into the game and guild. So sit back, relax and enjoy the time together. Some images of guild + Discord: Thanks for viewing this post <3 [I will try keep it updated xD]
  2. So this will probably be post #200 about this particular subject, namely, the lack of players on the US-Sapphire legion side. Im really interested in knowing if there are any plans at all to counter/fix this issue at all? People are leaving the legion side/server in droves because of the lack of activity, and any sign of hope left. As you can see, it's the usual 3 struggling legion guilds, vs 7 sentinel guilds. It has been like this in the guild tournament for almost a year now, maybe even longer. Just 3 legion guilds in top10 at best. But the population problem has been there since forever. Why? The worst part is, there is such bad activity on legion side, that these 3 guilds can't even compete against the sentinel ones in events like Mermen Trials, or most other events. They just can't get enough players online for the events, and therefore have to join lower level guilds to be able to spam the mermen dungeon. And let's not even get started on the battle for territories... So what's the plan going on forward?
  3. Both shamans had level 10 guild buffs while charmer was on level 3 guild. Also buuuu had 2 star war buffs.
  4. So I've looked around, found a few Discord servers, but most of which were poorly managed, almost empty, poorly created, and disorganized. I've been using Discord for quite a while and am very familiar with it, so I took the liberty of creating a server that will not only be aestheticly pleasing, but also very user friendly and opposite of the aforementioned negative traits of the other servers. My server, as of now, is more geared towards the US-Sapphire community. I may implement expansion to other servers depending on how this one turns out. | The Goal | - Create a community of fellow Warspear fans outside of the game, so that they may keep in touch when not playing. - Utilize Discord's voice chat function to further enhance the co-op gaming experience. This will create a far better system of communication between players during events, dungeons, questing, etc. - Connect players on a more personal level. | Perks | - With my "Guild" channels I've incorporated into my server, it will be significantly easier to coordinate guild events, find a other guilds, and make recruiting/joining a lot less painful. - The "World Chat" channel in my server will make text based communication much easier and far less cluttered. Plus, you'll be able to share your dank memes with your friends. As an added bonus, there will not be any GameRusher spammers. - I have created a "Market" channel to help with the buying and selling of in-game items. This is especially useful because now if the buyer/seller is skeptical, they can provide screenshots as evidence. - Bots! In my server, I really like to utilize the bot function. - Stream Music - Play mini-games (We got Blackjack) - Rise through the ranks in the server and so much more. ... The list goes on... | The Future | As an additional perk to using Discord, I have ideas for the future that would allow for the orchestrating of large scale events such as (but not limited to) : -Gold give-aways -Raffles for rare items, costumes, gold. - Large dungeon "raids" for continuous raiding without having to spam the in-game chat for players. -Guild wars Etc. To me, it is blatantly obvious that this is an essential tool for the Warspear community. If you are interested, you may simply click this link; https://discord.gg/8jK7Rdj If you are not interested, for some odd reason, you may just go on about your day, playing un-connected. P.S. I apologize. I did not mean to offend, I only meant that the some of the servers I had visited had been less than "up-to-par". The overall theme I repeatedly saw, was cluttered UI, cramped menus, and no apparent organization accompanied by a barely existent community. Which may actually be the reason behind the decrease in Discord activity. Too many people joining the wrong servers and having bad experiences, then developing a mindset that all of discord is just as bad. If we're to do this, it has to be done right and is ultimately up to the people that take the initial step. I built the platform, now it's up to the players to stand on it. Take a chance, I'd be willing to bet you'll have a better experience this time.
  5. Hi I'm from indonesia. I play rogue (damnking) and necro (debuya) at us-sapphire servers. Talk to me if meet at game Thanks, god bless you all
  6. Intro! "Legend says, the days of yore ever lived a creature that has enormous power. Some say it was dead. But some believe that it was just being asleep, waiting to be awakened" Far bottom of the deepest valley of Ayvondil, living a creature that still asleep. A Horrible flame-haired black-eyed creature waiting to be awakened. After the war of spear, when all of the energies absorbed into the ground. These energies collide with each other and produce a great power that inadvertently release the sacred seal that binds the creature. Now she's back for revenge. With heart filled by anger and hatred, expert in using the "Hell's Blade" and ability to spew a giant fireball out from her mouth, she promised to kill everyone who gets in her way. Name : BEGAAL HP : 2.000.000 Energy : 2.000 Energy regen : 100 Physical attack : 500 Magical attack : 500 Appereance : Pitch black-eyed, Flame-haired, 4 black wings, with 2 blades that stick to her hand called Hell's Blade. Movement : Guarded by 3 Giant lava-ifrits, She moves around quickly, ready to kill anyone who enter her place. Location : Deepest Valley of Ayvondil *Skills* Active skills: (Old Skills formation) 1. Merciless Strike (Rogue's skill) 2. Illusory Chains (Mage's skill) 3. Elusive Jump (Rogue's skill) 4. Fireball (Mage's skill) (New skills formation) still use skill number 1 and 2, Just replace number 3 and 4 with my new skills concept. 3. Inferno Jump (new) [its like rogue's elusive jump but also setting fire to the enemy, while target is on fire it suffer magic damage for a periode of time] 4. Demon's Breath (new) [its like Mage's fireball but its appereance is much more bigger, causes damage to target and enemies located nearby. Also have small chance to stun enemies] Passive skill: 1. Rage of Hell (new) [When hp remains 10%, the Accuracy and Speed of attack increase to 50% and able to spawn "Fire totem" every 10 seconds] Note: Sorry for my bad english, i am not so good in english, also writing a story. I use Google translate, so if u find some weird words up there let me know. i will update this post soon. Feel free to give suggestion. please
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