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  1. Am I? That's a shame. You're not the first to tell me that. I think it would be great for something of this magnitude to take place. A project like this could actually perhaps even reinvigorate a dying community. A community where people are getting bored and everything is becoming mundane, a change like this just might be what it needs. However, it would require people to want that change and actually take the first step.
  2. Haha. I mean no offense, @Morgana. What I said was merely directed towards the ones I have visited. If you'd give me a link, I'll gladly stop by
  3. So I've looked around, found a few Discord servers, but most of which were poorly managed, almost empty, poorly created, and disorganized. I've been using Discord for quite a while and am very familiar with it, so I took the liberty of creating a server that will not only be aestheticly pleasing, but also very user friendly and opposite of the aforementioned negative traits of the other servers. My server, as of now, is more geared towards the US-Sapphire community. I may implement expansion to other servers depending on how this one turns out. | The Goal | -
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