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  1. Here's my tought: I see you guys (devs) made Templar and Chieftain to balance (and create) some problems between factions, but with this, you leave another problem: Elves and Undeads now only have 4 classes, while Humans and Mountain Clan have 5. I don't know if you're already planning the new classes. If Yes, then just ignore this post, if No, my idea is: Make a Contest. How it will work? People will make posts on Suggestions with the tag "New Classes Contest", for it to be approved, it needs: • Name • Race (Elves, Firstborns, Undeads, Forsaken, etc) • Usable Weapons and Armors • Role (Full Tank, Tank/DMG, Healer, etc) • PvP, PvE or "Neutral"? • 5 Skills* • 5 Expert Skills* • Reference Image (for the Novice Costume) OBS: Make a class related to the Faction. What is the sense of a Firstborn Demon or a Forsaken Fairy? *For the Skills to be approved, it needs: • A theme (for the name, icon, visual effects and sounds) • Description (percentages, time of buffs, debuffs, cooldown, mana cost/consumption, etc)* *Doesn't need a exact description, just don't make it overpowered XD Some time after the Contest start, the top 3 (or 5, 10, idk) suggestions with more Reactions will be announced on a Poll, and the Class with more votes IF the developers like it, will be put on the game. Q: But no one uses the forum, do you really think it will work? A: My man, it's a New Class Contest, do you really think no one will try to make or vote in a new class? Q: What the winner will win? A: I don't know, maybe... a new class? Well, they can receive a XP Pot and a Novice of the class that they did, i think it's good...? Q: Why? A: The player themselves will know what is in need on the Faction (like a Physical Damager for Forsakens, Magical Damager for Firstborns, etc). The phrase "the developers don't play this game" will not be true anymore
  2. The Warrior of the mountain clan, called Thinor, is known as the Forsaken, desolate and forgotten. of the berengar line, the warrior of GODGORRATH fought for the conquest of the people of the mountain clan, was praised for being one of the best warriors, but Berengar the old man. he did not like the Renegade trying to take his place, and then banished him by expelling him to the most distant corners of GODGORRATH, and soon without knowing the Renegade he went into fury and obsessive hatred for vigilance. But it was too late the Renegade had been cursed to live in life in GODGORRATH forever suffering in life. It is rumored that the people of GODGORRATH spotted the last time, leaving the depths of the Cave clutched in the island of the Mountain clan. My dream was that this costume would be recreated in the game.
  3. Underwater as always hiding a lot of mystery living of a Sea Creatures along with The Pirates above the water have keeping their secret to tell for the future generation who brave enough to explore the massive of a Sea Turtle Caves,Creatures,Pirates Treasures,Sunken Ship,Mermen,Sea Witch and also The Giant Octopus. Long ago before The Warriors of Arinar found the Sea Turtle mystery, a Pirates doing an exploration to find a treasures hiding under the water fight againts sea creatures also with the pirates of Albatross and Thunderbird the battle itself making an chaos between the pirates separate them to west and east leaving the agony and never sail comeback to claim the treasures drowned inside of the sunken ship at a Ship Graveyard. But there is one brave pirate who make a history and brave enough to explore the underwater once again after the chaos. his journey has revealed the mystery that no one could ever found like some of the creepy creatures Drowned Admiral, Levandis, and the hidden monster Inker who now known as Old Inker. the journey is not stop there, revealing the hidden dungeon on a Lonely Island and The Underwater Palace Of a Mermen His journey stop after he found the hidden cave living of a Sea Witch which controlled all of the sea creatures, the battle between him and Sea Witch ended up by The Pirates win but Sea Witch leaving an awareness that there is strongest creatures called Giant Octopus who is being awhile never found and ready to bring the torment to all of The Pirates Of a Sea Turtle. But it wont stop him to continue the journey. He been awarded as a King Of a Pirates but the spirit of true Pirate King never end he started the longest journey to the deepest of underwater to find the Giant Octopus and reveal what the torment is and ended up on a secret island called The Madness Island. there The King Of Pirate and they fellow Pirates building the fortress to protect them from anonymous attack of a dangerous underwater sea creatures. But the deepest underwater could also bring a fear to the Pirates who is been together since the first sail. One of them was Sheo. He tried to warn him that the underwater is a dangerous and Giant Octopus could be anywhere. "Captain, this is too dangerous, the underwater hidden a mystery that we did not explore yet, you have to worry about it and try not to take a risk captain" Said Sheo but it wont stop him with the brave and fearless of a King spirit of a Pirates "I will keep explore and no one gonna stop me even the most strongest creatures here won't stop if the other pirates don't wanna go with me, ill do this alone" said The King Of Pirates. Sheo and other Pirates have tried to stop him but it seem no one can so they decided to watch him from The Madness Island. The day has come. the brave King Of A Pirates dive under the water just not far around the Madness Island he found 4 Totems standing and a Stone Plate he can feel the incoming attack from any sides of him. Totem turned on and giving a signal to all of the sea creatures including awaking the Giant Octopus. Instead of retread he chose to sacrifice him self to fight with a Giant Octopus. The fight never ends till the Pirates decide to find where is him icluding Sheo but they stopped after one of them seeing a huge human creatures with a hook like a pirate and a latern on his hand but his head was covered by a Red Eyes Octopus "Captain what was that" said the pirates "That is..... Oh my lord! Its Giant Octopus!!!!" Said Sheo while screaming and running "DONT CALL ME GIANT OCTOPUS!!" "YOU CAN CALL ME CAPTAIN GIANT OCTOPUS HAHAHAHA" "AND DONT YOU EVER RUN FROM ME" the monsters coming from all sides Sharks Sea Monster scatter all the Pirates only Sheo survive from the attack and he return to Madness Island and seeing the ship is ruined by the torment of a Captain Giant Octopus. The Warriors of Arinar who explore the massive of Sea Turtle found him hopeless alone in the terrify island he was there staying forever not hoping for a rescue and giving the information to all new explorer "Captain Giant Octopus is terrifying, I'm telling you. The drowned server him, and over the centuries there have been so many, he doesn't care if it's one more or less. Only a multitude of souls can wake him from his slumber. But if he start swinging his latern, you'd better run, friend. That's a bad omen." The End. Ievi Eu-Emerald
  4. Описание Костюма Костюм изготовлен из пластин, отлитых мастерами величественного бога Харада. Божественной силы свет - никогда не угасает для того, кто носит данные доспехи. Внешний Вид Крупный план:
  5. Ladies and Gentleman, The circus is in town! Era início do inverno. A colheita das abóboras estava próxima do fim no pacato vilarejo de Altgard. Os animais estavam a caminho da hibernação e o vento estava a cada dia mais frio. Os camponeses começaram a notar uma névoa estranha no ar. Uma névoa densa e sombria, carregada de mistérios. ‘São os espíritos tentando retornar do outro mundo’ dizia a velha anciã, enquanto disfarçava um leve sorriso e fazia cuidadosamente uma torta de maçãs. A tranquilidade do vilarejo foi interrompida por uma grande agitação. ‘Pessoal, pessoal, olhem ali, eles estão chegando!’ agitava o pequeno John apontando para a entrada da cidade. Era uma grande caravana com carroças puxadas por cavalos brancos e grandes baús sendo trazidos para o pátio central da cidade. Uma pequena porta se abriu e um homem pequenino saiu de dentro de uma das carruagens. Vestido com sua capa preta e um chapéu estranho, o homenzinho se ajeitou no centro do pátio rodeado pelos moradores e anunciou: “Ladies and gentleman, The Circus is in town!!!” Os moradores aplaudiram de felicidade ao ver tantos visitantes novos na cidade, antes totalmente pacata e sem graça. Mas rapidamente o sentimento de alegria se tornou um sentimento de estranheza. Em poucas horas a tenda vermelha foi montada e um enorme circo havia surgido bem no pátio central do vilarejo. Os visitantes eram bem estranhos. Mulheres barbadas, um gigante que tinha uma super força e seres com mutações bizarras, como por exemplo um homem com características de peixe e um palhaço que ao invés de ser animado e feliz aparentava uma expressão melancólica e triste. Na chegada do grande dia de estreia do circo, a névoa misteriosa tomou conta de toda a cidade. Não se podia ver mais nada, os moradores estavam praticamente invisíveis no meio da bruma mágica que estava no ar. Era 31 de outubro, dia em que se comemoravam as festividades do Halloween. A velha senhora gargalhava um presságio tenebroso ‘Ghahahaha chegou o grande dia, o dia em que Eles virão até nós, o dia em que vão atravessar o portal do outro mundo! Ghahahaha!’. O grande circo apresentava atrações bizarras e nada divertidas. Pelo contrário, atrações assustadoras. Chegada a hora da atração principal, um homem surgiu no meio do palco. Era o Magician, um mágico com fortes poderes sobrenaturais e um olhar maligno. O mágico anunciou ‘Chegou a hora, nosso plano será concretizado! Iremos revelar o real motivo para este show!’ A plateia se espantou e uma aura de pânico se alastrou. ‘Esta apresentação do Gran Circo dos Horrores irá abrir um portal mágico, um portal para o outro mundo, onde os seres do mundo dos mortos poderão retornar a este mundo e o mundo dos humanos será dominado pelas trevas!’. ‘Iremos atrás do único capaz de fechar este portal, o único ser capaz de levar todo o mal de volta para o outro mundo. Aquele que se esconde atrás de sua máscara de abóbora, aquele que se camufla na multidão no dia 31 para passear entre os humanos. Sam, iremos te encontrar, e o portal mágico nunca mais poderá ser fechado novamente!’. Samhain, o ser mágico que na noite de Halloween passeia entre os humanos disfarçado com sua máscara de abóbora, é o único com poderes mágicos capazes de fechar este portal e enviar as criaturas das trevas de volta para o outro mundo. Sam é o responsável pelo grande Sabbat, o responsável pelo início e pelo encerramento do Halloween. Será que Samhain, o único que poderá encerrar as festividades do Halloween, o único com poderes mágicos suficientes para fechar o portal para o mundo dos mortos e mandar todos os seres sobrenaturais de volta para o outro lado irá conseguir livrar o mundo dos humanos de todo o mal? Será que Samhain conseguirá derrotar o grande Magician, cerrar o portal e assim dar fim ao Haloween? “...Sam, iremos até você...” Ghahahahah! Descrição Nome: The Magician Aparência: Homem vestido com uma capa roxa e um chapéu de mágico. Olhos de fogo e uma cicatriz em forma de pentágono na testa. Skills: Panic (Necromant): Spell, casting a fear effect, making. enemies run away. Hitting them will stop. Bloody Tribute (warlock) : curses an enemy, which will be getting damage periodically. If the enemy uses a skill he will loose additional energy. The skill ends after its duration time, or after target uses any skill. Blazing ground (mage): Ground in a specified area starts blazing. All enemies inside the area suffer from constant magic damage during the time of the skill effect Descriptions of minions, assistants and servants: Palhaço assustador Mulher de duas cabeças Gigantes Ladies and Gentleman, The circus is in town! It was early winter. Pumpkin harvest was nearing its end in the quiet village of Altgard. The animals were on their way to hibernation and the wind was getting colder every day. The peasants began to notice a strange mist in the air. A dense, dark mist, laden with mysteries. 'It's the spirits trying to come back from the otherworld,' said the old woman as she disguised a slight smile and carefully made an apple pie. The tranquility of the village was interrupted by a great excitement. ‘Guys, guys, look over there, they're coming!’ Was shaking little John pointing to the city entrance. It was a large caravan with white horse-drawn carts and large chests being brought into the central courtyard of the city. A small door opened and a small man emerged from one of the carriages. Dressed in his black cape and strange hat, the little man settled into the center of the courtyard surrounded by the locals and announced, “Ladies and gentleman, The Circus is in town !!!” Locals applauded with happiness as they saw so many new visitors to the city, once totally quiet and bland. But quickly the feeling of joy became a feeling of weirdness. Within a few hours the red tent was set up and a huge circus had sprung up right in the village's central courtyard. The visitors were very strange. Bearded women, a giant who had a super strength and beings with bizarre mutations, such as a man with fish characteristics and a clown who instead of being excited and happy looked sad and sad. On the arrival of the big day of the circus debut, the mysterious fog washed over the whole city. Nothing more could be seen, the residents were practically invisible in the midst of the magical mist that was in the air. It was October 31, the day when Halloween festivities were celebrated. The old lady laughed a dark omen ‘Ghahahaha came the big day, the day They will come to us, the day they will cross the portal of the other world! Ghahahaha! The big circus featured bizarre and not fun attractions. On the contrary, scary and bizarre attractions. When it was time for the main attraction, a man appeared in the middle of the stage. It was the Magician, a magician with strong supernatural powers and an evil eye. The magician announced ‘The time has come, our plan will be fulfilled! We'll reveal the real reason for this show! ’The audience was startled and an aura of panic spread. ‘This presentation of the Gran Circus of Horrors will open a magical portal, a gateway to the next world, where beings from the dead can return to this world and the world of humans will be dominated by darkness!’. Emos We'll go after the one who can close this portal, the only one who can take all evil back to the next world. The one who hides behind his pumpkin mask, the one who camouflages himself in the crowd on the 31st to wander among humans. Sam, we'll meet you, and the magic portal can never be closed again! ' Samhain, the magical being who wanders among humans disguised in his pumpkin mask on Halloween night, is the only one with magical powers who can close this portal and send the creatures of darkness back to the next world. Sam is responsible for the great Sabbat, responsible for the beginning and closing of Halloween. Will Samhain, the only one who can end the Halloween festivities, the only one with enough magical powers to close the portal to the world of the dead and send all supernatural beings back to the other side will be able to rid the world of humans from all over the evil? Will Samhain be able to defeat the great Magician, close the portal and thus end Haloween? "... Sam, we will come to you ..." Ghahahahah! Description Name: The Magician Appearance: Man dressed in purple cape and magician's hat. Red eyes on fire and a pentagon-shaped forehead scar. Skills: Panic (Necromant): Spell, casting a fear effect, making. enemies run away. Hitting them will stop. Bloody Tribute (warlock) : curses an enemy, which will be getting damage periodically. If the enemy uses a skill he will loose additional energy. The skill ends after its duration time, or after target uses any skill. Blazing ground (mage): Ground in a specified area starts blazing. All enemies inside the area suffer from constant magic damage during the time of the skill effect Descriptions of minions, assistants and servants: Creepy clowns Double headed woman Giant Character's name: Thyria lvl 6 Server: Tourmaline -TO
  6. Player info: Nickname: Fusionist Server: BR-Tourmaline Minion info: Name: Protector from Deep Sea | Type: Tank Description: A mermaid warrior armed with a sword and shield, trained by aquatic creatures to protect the secrets of deep sea from enemies. Incredibly resistant, she's able to defense any strong attack. Skills: The call of mermaid: attracts enemy’s attention and makes him attack her. The enemy loses his original target. Aggressive waves: reduces the power of all enemies within radius of ability. Well, I rly hope to win, haha. Good luck to everyone!
  7. Spring princess Spring Princess is a nature lover girl. She lives in a flowery garden surrounded by little animals and she really loves nature and try to protect it. Her dress is made by small flowers collected by her best friend Mr. Squirrel Mr. Squirrel also suggested that she put one of the flowers in her hair Art concept This is a costume thought to be easily adaptable to Warspear Online. I used the existent pixel base to create this piece. The main idea is to show the original character's hairstyle. A flowery themed costume can be released in spring event or in any other promo since we have very few female costumes compared to male's. Original size: I hope you enjoy it !! Thyria BR-Tourmaline
  8. Today my Set of Master I won at the best birthday video contest has arrived. There is some pretty cool stuff in it! • a thermos • a hoodie • notebook • stickers • Warspear Online pin Thanks for the present! Although the hoodie is size M (and I am size S), but I'll definitely make a good use of them!
  9. I am Aravoldev, I joined a guild when I was 2 years old, my guild leader took care of me and taught me the art of fighting and the techniques on self-control. Now, 18 years have passed, and I was never involved in a serious fight. The beast was still asleep inside of me, until the guild leader summoned me one night. As I walked into his room in Forest’s Heart Castle, I saw him standing, facing the window, with a grim expression on his face. Without looking back, he said, “I know you are here ... your time has come.” “I will not disappoint you, in the name of Harad and our guild, I’ll bring them back safely,” I said. As I take the path to the Rotting Garden to save my friends, I sense something strange when I reached the Desecrated Grove. It is unusually quiet here ... something is wrong ... it is too quiet. Then from behind a tree, I noticed daggers flying towards me. I cast a magical shield to reflect the daggers, then I turned to see who the attacker was, I saw a masked man with deadly daggers in each hand. The attacker thrust toward me, and landed his elbow on my face then kicked my chest. It made me step back, then he disappeared before my eyes. I unsheathed my sword and he suddenly stabbed me in the back with his dagger. I made my move to swing my sword and I managed to scratch his face. He was bleeding, blood was dripping from his cheek down on my sword. Then I felt it ... the smell of fresh blood was slowly awakening the sleeping beast inside me. I can’t let this happen, I won’t let this happen ... I tried to fight it ... but slowly I am losing. May Harad forgive me, I can’t hold it anymore, and then it happened. I closed my eyes and lift up the sword to my face. I lost myself. I licked the blood dripping from it, and as I opened my eyes, everything turned red. The beast inside me has awoken, a great force is unleashed. The hunger for my attacker’s blood drives me, I can’t see, yet I can smell his blood from afar. Now, my attacker becomes my prey. To summon a great force, I lift up my sword to draw a circle on the ground, and stand in the middle of it. A technique my guild leader has taught me. A skill I mastered only now. As it activates, it turns red and the spell marking comes out of it. I moved towards my prey, struck his armor with my sword, then I gave a hard blow on his chin. The punch is so strong, he flew a few yards away. Scared for his life, my prey started to run. I pierced the ground with my sword, focus all my strength on it, and then suddenly, the hand of the awakened beast came out from the circle. The beast’s hand grabbed him, and pulled him back to me. Now I see my prey’s fear stricken face in front of me. And I know, immobilized by the hand of the beast, he is done. Looking into his eyes, I said, “If you spit up in the air, it will fall down on your face.” Shocked with unbelief, he said, “Who are you ? You can’t kill me!” With a smirk on my face, I lift my sword and said, “SPLITTING!”
  10. Swoosh! Bzzzt! Cling! Its day 16, and I keep on fighting, 'til this monster stop moving. Fast, brave, Nuadu's heir. I am She Elf The Ranger, No one can compare. Evade, trap, aim and fire! To kill this beast is my one desire. Its soul I must acquire. Fight, fail, and fight again. Victory, I cannot gain. Oh! So much trial and pain! Drink, drink, and drink some more. dozens of potion drips down my core, I never been so tired before. Hopeless, tried, grilled to the bone. How can i finish this alone? I feel so helpless, I don't want to respawn. Swish! Hish! Clank! Then they came, 2 healers and a good tank! Oh please help me gank! Inidingli, Arcneon, and Rawden! Now I can get even! They helped me so much, they lighten the burden. Lifeless. beaten. Piece of cake. Next quest I can finally take! I am done with the water snake!
  11. Story based on imagination...... Thousands years ago there was only 4 type of peoples. They knew as mountain clan, forsaken, elves and chosen. Mountain clan people were very hard workers. They were lives in top of the mountains in tents. They used to hunt mountain animals for food. They were very smart and fast at hunting, fighting and hiding. They were leaves in a group. There was barbarians, rouges, shamans and hunters. They makes weapons from wood and stones. They gives dead animals to forsaken and takes unique poisons. Forsaken people were most lazy people. They were lives at waste land where they learned dark magic. They take mass and flesh from dead bodies and make dark magic from it. They use dark magic on their weapons for control others. They were used bones and skulls for make their weapons. In their group there were death knights, necromancers, warlocks and charmers. They were lazy but they can control enemies very fast. They knew only mountain clan people as friend. Elves people were most clever and advanced at weapons and fighting. Others used to say elves were god gifted strong. They were lives in forests. They make wooden huts on trees. In their group there were blade dancers, druids, rangers and wardens. They were used woods and precious stones for making weapons. Because of they were god gifted strong they leaves easy life. Chosen people were very soft and small height people. They were lives in base of mountains. They made mountain stronghold. They were grind precious stones from mountains and sell those to elves for food. Chosen people were soft and small so they use stones and irons for make armours. They use precious stone power on their weapons. Precious stones were produces high magical power. Mountain clan rouges and hunters were always goes to the forsaken land for sell dead animals and buy unique poisons. These boys were likes those necromancer and warlock girls. One day a hunter escaped with a necromancer and went to a new land. A totally new land nobody lives there. They started living there. One day elves found a new place where nobody leaves. They named it Irselnort. At the other side of this land mc people were already living. They both started living at both opposite side of this land. One day two mountain clan kids were thought to explore the other side of that land. They went But they didn’t returned so some people of mc town started to find them. When they reached other side they saw those kids dead body were there and there was a town full of unknown people. They returned and called all their allies from mc for a war. It was the beginning of the Great War. They ran to the elves town and started war. Elves were lost this unexpected war. Elves were feared and called their allies chosen for help. Elves and chosen they started war against mc. In this war elves and chosen won and mc lose badly. Many mc people were got killed by elves. Elves captured some of mc towns. After few days mc people were decided to call dark force. They called forsaken for war. This time war happened in the middle of the irselnort. One side there was mountain clan and forsaken at other side elves and chosen. That was a big war, the war for homeland. From that time till now days the war happening. Maybe people went stronger than before and weapons are now more sharpen. Me(rouge): So grandpa this war will never end? Grandpa(hunter): May be never my son. Make your axe sharp and get some hp pots we have to go for war. My name is Eridnas and I’m Rouge from us sapphire. I didn’t asked Gandpa, was he the hunter who ran with a necromancer and first found this land. Me(rouge): Grandpa I’m ready for war.
  12. In a certain place in the vast land of ayvondil, there was a young ranger named Lightsadow that just recently had started a life as a hunter of beast and monsters for a small guild, however, right now, he was traveling through different paths where he didn't know where to go... Earlier that day he had been invited by his friends to a new section they had discovered in that area, a set of caves where it was said they lay creatures that have never seen sunlight or had even seen any light, he reject the offer but the others prepared to go without looking back, even so accompany them to the entrance as his friends ventured their fears begin. "What would happen to them if they found something so big they could not face?" Or "what if they get lost?" Undoubtedly they were obvious concerns for a newly discovery, after thinking for ten minutes he decided to enter that place without end. Having started his journey to nothing with every step he took, each meter, every centimeter he crossed that dark and gloomy abyss produced a feeling of terror inside him, the almost infinite darkness didn't help with his lonely journey in the search since in spite of being illuminated with a torch he could not see what there was from two meter beyond its location, so without direction he continued. It had been thirty minutes since its inception but there was no trace of them, monsters or animals, the only thing he could hear was the absolute silence of nothingless itself, until in the distance there were noises in that hurry step, little by little an image bacame more visible, first it was joy, then doubt and finally fear for what he saw in front of him. All of his friends lay on the ground dead and standing still in a creature that had no human form or any recognizable form, he knew it would be a tough fight but he couldn't leave then without thinking twice Light began to attack with is crossbow a flank of that monster, almost whispering pronounced: -"Powerful shot" at that moment the arrow shoots out with great speed, however, that creature manages to dodge easily, a second passed, two, thre-- the creature began to move quickly towards Light as if it were reflex, he shouted this time: -"Fire arrow!" The arrow in a matter of seconds it catches fire then it shoots out, his attacker tries to jump to avoid it but it's too late he manages to drill, then began to grunt and scream in his eyes was the thirst for blood and hatred towards the cause of his suffering. This time he charged with even more speed and agility than before, Light started fleeing that area running in other corridors avoiding his persuer however after running and hiding for about ten minutes he stopped not because fatigue but because his had begun. Exalting and shouting to get the attention of the creature: -"Point shooting!" It was all or nothing he had been preparing for ten minutes, for his victory. Without warning the creature appeared at the other end of that corridor even more furious than before, and then charged to attack him. -"Powerful shot!" , "Fire arrow!" , "Hail of arrows!" Each of those attacks failed, Light despite having failed his attacks showed no expression on his face, quickly protecting himself with is arms he throws to the ground, but this time there was something different in his expression...a small smile, the creature that was less than a meter away from Light had sealed his fate *clik* it's the last thing he heard because after that there was an explosion of the "Explosive traps" that Light had planted not long ago, this could be the end of his story but it's really just the beginning.
  13. Title : Dark Blood in the Veins. Prologue The blood is in the veins that flows infinitely like our lives that will continue on living until we ceased, but what if the blood isn’t flowing the way you knew will it change the life you are living? I am Dar Kazix(Darkazix), a blade dancer elf that lives in the land of Melvendil. The Elder of the Ilhor village raised me. I wonder how I ended up here. Did I really belong to this land? Who are my parents? Will I find the things what I have been looking for? I swear to the Gods of Arinar that I will be stronger to uncover the things that I am missing. Chapter 1: The Truth. The land of Melvendil is vast but they said that there is somewhere far that are greater for what we see in this land, a land surrounding with water, a land of an never ending night and a land in the sky. Elder: “Dar Kazix, I need to talk with you.” Dar: “I need to train more, please later.” Elder: “This is important.” The elder shows a necklace with a green stone pendant. “Darkazix” is engraved at the back of the stone. Elder: “This is with you the day we found you. I think it is time for you to go and find your true identity.” Dar: “Father, But I belonged to the village!” Suddenly a loud scream was heard. A group of wraiths are attacking the village. All the warriors fought and won but unexpectedly the Village Elder was stabbed. Dar: “Father! I’ll stop the bleeding.” Elder: “No, I won’t make it my son. You must go to the Rilhor Village… and talk to Hikki.” Dar: “Father! Father! Nooo!” A day after the Elder’s body was burned, a signed of respect to the elves death. Dar Kazix left the village wearing the green necklace. The journey is indeed long, slaying monster, entering dungeons and crypts. Dar Kazix trained his body to the point that he is ready. Dar Kazix arrived at the Rilhor village and look for Hikki. Her house was a small hut that full of holes. They said she is an alchemist, the holes was made by the explosions of making potions. Dar Kazix shows the necklace to Hikki. Hikki: “How did you get that?” Dar: “I am from Ilhor village.” Hikki: “I see. Go to the forest of dawn get me couple of black dust, and tears of the crying tree.” Dar: “What are these for?” Hikki: “You will know when you got all of it.” Dar Kazix alone go to the forest of dawn a black ghost charge towards him an agile monster that attacking using it's claws, he managed to defeat it and then the black ghost turns to a black dust. The tears of the crying tree can be harvest from a big tree that looks like a face of a lady, Dar Kazix found the tree in the middle of the forest and waited till a tear dropped. He went back to Hikki to give all the things she asked. Dar: “These are the things you asked.” Hikki: “I’ll need time to brew it, please wait outside” After hours of waiting the potion is completed. Hikki asked Darkazix to drink the potion he made. Hikki: “Drink it.” Dar Kazix drank the potion. The necklace shine brightly and he fell asleep. He dreamed about a scene where a lady elf is running with a baby, three elf with fangs and dark gray skin is pursuing her, she reached the front gates of Ilhor, using a special ink she hide the baby by turning it invisible she took the white cloth and run away from the village. In the early morning the elf scouts saw the baby in the gates of the village and called the Elder. Dar Kazix woke up and said. Dar Kazix: “Dark Elves, I need to meet them.” Hikki: “You can't find them easily brave one. Go to the moon harbor and board the ship to the land of the battles of territory - Iselnort you can start from there in order to seek the answers to your questions.” Dar: “Yes I will, and I Dar Kazix will coming for them.” End.
  14. This journey was started three years ago. One rainy day I’ve entered in this fantasy world. I had choose myself as a bd(subhajeet) in us-sapphire. There was everything very beautiful. Now entering to the story....... Wow! Weather is cool. But what I have to do? Let’s ask that guy. Hmm he is offering me a job, If I do he will give me some gold and experience, I should do. One by one I did many quest in these days and now I am 13. Now I should ask someone how to go Irselnort. I heard there is many pro players lives and there I can get better weapons. It is long time I’m here in irselnort and now I’m 20. In these days I had met some friends Sandhu(priest), Pestilent(mage). Now day’s we playing in a group. Some people was said there is a big dungeon in the middle of irselnort and if we complete that we can go to the ayvondil. Sandhu said he heard there are hardest bosses and raid bosses in ayvondil. So today we are going berengers dungeon . Last few days we did many quests in a group because here quests are much hard. We helped each other’s and died many times. We have completed Maliat town and tlalocs town. We did two big and hard dungeon here. There pestilent got a staff drop from rotten garden and sandhu got a precious ring from termetary. My luck was a little bad. We are now 23 and we are going forward to the next town . Finally we have completed marakosh town and pelion town and now we are 28. We had died 100+ times in marakosh and pelion. It was a hardest journey last few days. There we met some friends we helped them and they helped us. Two of them is fortknight(warden) and uks(paladin). They were tank for us. Now we are 5 players group. We do Kronus dungeon, trees of season dungeon, Technopolis dungeon, event dungeons, spawn and faceless together. We got many drops and some precious drops also like faceless, spawn, troll, serpent, speed book etc. Now days we heard there is portal right side of Maliat town. At other side of the portal there is a underwater town and there can be we get lot’s of new things. We heard workers working on portal to make it useful, so we are waiting for explore underwater town. . Real life or gaming life without friends there is no fun.
  15. A story to tell so little time here’s the story in a shell: A young fighter with so much to learn the eyes a little brighter trust he needs to earn One day he met another a friend to travel with plants he had to gather and understand a myth: A dungeon if you enter and make your way through when you’re at the center the chest is shining blue An item to collect if you did enough it might just be the perfect drop which you want He continued from day to day dungeon, arena, quest who is the one to say if he is the best? You enter the arena, probably with a friend one needs to be the last one standing in the end This was the story of a brave bladedancer a lot of fame and glory he is known as the lancer Only you need to remember it isn’t fun alone like in any kingdom you need friends to get the throne
  16. The weather was cold, the snowfall was over and here's a mountain filled with snow and melting for a years. Feels the coldness on my feet here comes I am, hello Godgorrath the Isle of Mountain Clans. The snowy land welcomed the freshman who've came down from the mountain and ready to merge on a union. At last the arinar released the hidden warrior's from different factions to be part of the epic war and here I am, a man with a crossbow on its hand whose ready to shoot. I can still remember most of the area was filled a lot of shooter's. Plenty of warriors running for a great mission unto a unforgettable adventure, moving forward I encountered lot of incredible places. Fantastic bosses and dungeons, I do declare dungeons always gives me carresole. Although finally I'm finish of my mission in the snowy land but still the journey wasn't over, it's time to departure in to another island, hello Irselnort let my feet drop in to this mighty land. Main while the Ash Coat gently showed me the way of being a great warrior. I've stayed on a bloody land for a years to challenge bosses,great dungeons,unique drops as well and most magnificent was the fight between allies and enemies. It used to be challenging and insane sometimes, well it makes me smile. Oh here we are again I guess it must be firm, another war had been declared. Blood like raindrops fell on every battle, fight for the win my dearest allies. After several years I finally decided to move forward once again, farewell Irselnort see you again. My mission send me in to another fantastic place the land of Ayvondil, contains of mysterious places and what a challenging firm quest. I do declare I don't have much friends I'm so lonesome I took some comfort there in a marvelous sky island. And this how my story end. Shout out to my very well friends who've helped me on my way. Best thanks to you DAMAGED guild and to our handsome leader hey flok thank you once again.
  17. This weather sure too much to take, Must send my bladedancer to lake. For wars and potions don’t quench thirst On way, hear tale of my chars fate. A bladedancer with self-stiched name about 6 years ago was made. Wasn’t sure what to choose at first, no casters pls. So - rogue or blade? But i did like biology and elfs are close to nature, allegedly. Naturally i chose that, and leveled up without rush or aid. At first i used to die alot, and postponed some bosses Getting back to city fast, of course with armour losses And dying was a teleport. Except when arrived in Irselnort That 2AM lvl12 scare, when with first rogue your path crosses. Reaching cara, gaining friends, then adventures seemed to have no end Whether to help or do chainless quests, or hunt red names in MC-land Lots and lots new names to add, learning to get along with PvP cave lads I’m still a pacifist down there, first diplomacy then defend. I still remember first costume money spent, moon kitty bought by accident (40k btw) And mix of daggers noone liked, left in some rednames quite a dent Too bad i still hate all the casters, remember warlocks – bridge block masters? Yeah, lots has changed from those days, hope not too many angry PMs sent. First there were clans, then guilds came and everyone was after fame More and more to do, but studies kept me off of game Since then i’m stuck in grandma mindset, remember when there was a moon set? Just look around, so much to do… although i wish some things were same Alot of new things means this bend – alot of miracle coin washed But it is maybe good, more cash – means that servers do not crash There was a joke, who buys the most, in that name Snorly names his yacht One suggestion for full bags sake: please give us separate costume sash! I do awaken once in a while, there’s new costumes and new hairstyles New skills and levels to obsess with, without teleports you’d walk miles I see old players and new faces, alien and deadly places And after another exam session, i seem to stay around awhile If you do meet a moon kitty on adventure, slightly scarred Going where the full moon or the starlit road goes - near or far. I’m on feet, a fearless kitty, I’m going to foresaken city Rusty armour, daggers sharp, maybe claws out if there’s war The name I chose was Nimereti, or they call me Nim for short Oldies, guildies, all I’ve met here hope i’ve been a good sport My quest here not for gold or glory or to pass the best, don’t worry Just to spend time, forget worries, enjoy the game for what it’s worth. (paw-swims away.)
  18. Disclamer i had to cut some of the story to meet the 3000 character rule i had fun making this story and recalling the thing i did in this wonderful game sorry if the story was long i just started writing and without me knowing i wrote this much Words count : 503. Character count : 2025 ( without spaces ). Character count : 2527 ( with spaces ). Clutching to the handle of my mace, fighting off the hordes of Alliance as they are attacking the Flag, within my last Breath my life started flashing in front of me as if it all was just a dream, a dream filled with memories, happiness , friends, rivals and enemy's. It all started when I woke up in front of a house in a dark, rotten and "Forsaken" land, I spoke to the first person I saw, he greeted me and said that there is a chance that the resurrection is preformed incorrectly?, he then congratulation me for joining the house of blood. I then spent my days Working for the house of blood, fighting monsters, delivering letters and getting the help from others to kill strong monster commonly known as "Boss Monsters", after a while I gained strength, wisdom and trust in the house of blood, then the day came when I got told that there is nothing left for me here and I was instructed to travel to a far land, with the strength I gained and some gold in my pocket I set sail to a far land. Irselnort, the name that was giving to this vast land, I was a stranger in this land, but to survive I needed to work, gain trust and get some gold, the land was big and filled with all kind of people, I won't forget the first time I saw someone kill a boss with one hit as if it was nothing, it blew my mind, but I knew how strong I can get if I just tried, a spark lit in my eye as I found a new goal for my adventure. Then a day came, that I would never forget, a horde or rather let's say a sea of weird looking people that I never saw before was moving in a line toward the city of Armor Cliff, I was confused, I didn't know what I was looking at, but I knew one thing they were killing anything in sight, they were like a swarm of grasshoppers eating a field of wheat, I didn't know what to do aside from hiding until this horrible day was over. While asking around and getting information from people, I found out that these people were called Alliance and they were two tribes known as FirstBorn and Chosen, and that we are in a war since the day a spear fell from the sky??, I was stunned by the information, it was like a whole new world was opened for me. A while later I woke up to a sound of a horn echoing in the skies as a I hear a call or rather a plead for help, war was starting, and we had to defend our flags while attacking the Alliance flags, and this bring us back here, where here I am falling in the middle of the Alliance watching with my last breath the legion flag fallen, knowing that we have lost. Thanks for reading with all love, Ogull
  19. Wake up, have some breakfast and watch TV then get bored, ok time for WS … Logging in Hmm what should i do now? None of my friends are online , and it’s not quest day, so either spam arena or dg, let’s go tech. Time to spam chat. World Chat Me: spam myth tech pm BD >> inv Me: spam myth tech pm Mage >> inv Me: spam myth tech pm Druid >> inv Me: spam myth tech last 2 slots Me: spam myth tech last 2 slots Ranger >> inv Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden 60 mins later Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Seeker >> inv Me >> Seeker: sorry bro need tank Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Paladain >> inv Me >> Paladain: sorry bro need someone who can tank Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth tech last warden Warden >> inv Thank Fu*k, ok lets go During the first run half the pt dies because someone decided to go rambo and I'm just sitting there not knowing whether i should laugh or cry. but despite all we finish the run with 0 drops. It's ok maybe a drop next run. 100 runs later..
  20. Part 1: The Dream Once there was a Necromancer who were born in the island of Forsaken A land that was cursed and the freedom were taken. The first step to live is to learn how to fight. Courage is the key and the strength to survive. Innocence is weakness, I need to learn some experience. Fighting is a must or else I won't stay alive. A lot of fails and a lot of dead’s But it isn’t enough to quit and give up… Along the journey is a very tough quest To kill a monster that is twice my strength. (Tuckoot) Should I quit or should I fight? Will I die or will I survive? Behind that monster is the road to a new land Where more quests are waiting and the journey gets more exciting. Luckily behind me is a Death Knight Who is eager to kill the evil mob. But fighting alone seems impossible and hard So we agree to party and together we fight. There’s no way to run, there’s no turning back… It took us so long to finish the clash. But eventually we won the fight… As we land our first step to this new land. We saw the light and the smile from the sun. Then I look back to the first land where we came from. I notice something that is going wrong… The darkness that is covering the map of Forsaken Became my dream to clear and lighten. Part 2: The Friendship As I enter the door to this new map. I feel worried because I know no one. Too many strangers are scattered everywhere. There’s a big Barb in the middle and Rouge in the corner. So I started a quest and hoping that it’s easy But the NPC never told me that I will kill a freaky I cry for help but all are busy So I stand and shout looking for someone that is friendly… Then a Shaman replied and asked “is it the Leopard?” I answered “Yes! Can you help me with your ward?” Then easy-peasy we killed the bastard. The Shaman is sweet and sometimes naughty But that makes difference with her personality We did together a lot of quest We have fun together; she’s one of the best. Part 3: The War So here I am doing my quest Then suddenly in WC there’s a call from an ally. I never knew in this map that there is a war of territory Too many MC in town, wait is there a rally? Here comes the enemy thirsty for blood They need to pass the MCs and hit the flag. We almost lose but we stand the fight We need a leader to fight for our right. But the war is not only fighting for territory There is also a war happening in the WC (World Chat). The first thing to kill is the ego and pride Everyone should learn how to follow and unite. END Hope you like it..
  21. Hello My in game name is Yalibe (same as the forum name) server BR-Tourmaline Here is the sprite i made for the costume contest, and all details about it : Norlant Diving Gear Sprite Art: Description: This diving dress is made with different materials. The helmet is made with copper and have openings for watching outside while the rest is made with leather cloth and grease for waterproofing. Lore: The Norlant Diving Gear were developed by a mysterious engineer and it was made to explore Norlant's cluster of islands underwater. Many of the manufactured gears were destroyed by the attack of savage creatures and today there are only a few gears remaining and the Chainless League keep them secretly hidden somewhere at Zeneth Haf. How to acquire: The costume would be obtainable by completing missions in the Swamps of Norlant with the same drop rate as Set Items, and to make it easier to get i suggest the parameter "Equipping" so you can trade with other players.
  22. Hi I'm from indonesia. I play rogue (damnking) and necro (debuya) at us-sapphire servers. Talk to me if meet at game Thanks, god bless you all
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