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  1. I think his charcter's personality is more like Sasuke or Gaara in Naruto than Eragon in Inheritance 馃槄 the quiet, mysterious type of personality.
  2. Swoosh! Bzzzt! Cling! Its day 16, and I keep on fighting, 'til this monster stop moving. Fast, brave, Nuadu's heir. I am She Elf The Ranger, No one can compare. Evade, trap, aim and fire! To kill this beast is my one desire. Its soul I must acquire. Fight, fail, and fight again. Victory, I cannot gain. Oh! So much trial and pain! Drink, drink, and drink some more. dozens of potion drips down my core, I never been so tired before. Hopeless, tried, grilled to the bone. How can i finish this alone? I feel so he
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