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Found 13 results

  1. Hi All. I have applied 'Great Relic of Inaccessibility' relic on the 'Order to Attack' skill (Beastmaster class). When using it, though it attacks the target. Once the target is dead, it still displays on the screen following my character. I have to either switch to new map or logout and back in to reflect. In below solo dungeon, the boss is killed, yet it shows moving about. Relic details
  2. I see some character with op status on level 13 and he had so much gold
  3. relics are an important part of our game, they add ''something extra'' to our skills, as well as being something both factions can use. Thinking about that, I came to bring you some suggestions for new relics, after all it's been a while since we've had any new ones in the coin shop :) unholy relic from the dead area type: attack example of skills: Basic damage skills such as tears of harad, shadow prism, shadow arrow, fireball. effect: with a 7-15% chance creates an area of 1m under the enemy target (3x3) the area reduces the enemies' movement speed, attack speed and skill cooldown by 15%. this relic is intended to be a relic geared towards group confrontations, and to give all the more reason to use the classes' basic single-target abilities. relic of the summons type: defensive exemple of skills: roots, armistice, oppression, deatthly eye, nighmares (basic control skills and debuffs) effect: if the enemy resists the skill's effect. summons a minion to attack the enemy for 10s, the minion deals 20~30% of the player's physical and magical damage to the enemy. only one minion can be active at a time (this is to avoid pet spam by the necromancer) this would be a relic that would give some reason to use pve control skills, especially against bosses. relic of duplication type: attack exemple of skills: Basic damage skills such as tears of harad, shadow prism, shadow arrow, fireball. effect: the skill also affects a nearby target (2m), dealing 25-50% of the skill's damage to the enemy. basically a relic that does its base damage skill, hit an additional target. the purpose of this requi is to give undamaged classes in area a relic option for this. acceleration relic type: defensive exemple of skills: healing and defensive skills. effect: with a 5-10% chance it increases the character's movement speed by 20% for 10s. this relic would be to try to balance the movement speed existing between the two factions. One way to avoid accumulations between the relic and the chieftain's and seeker's ability would be to make the relic's effect not stack with other movement speed effects. icy relic of the piercing attack (for the christmas event) type: defensive exemple of skills: roots, armistice, oppression, deatthly eye, nighmares(basic control skills and debuffs) effect: if the enemy resists the effect of the skill, increases the parameter ''penetrating attack'' for 10s an effect little used by players, it would be nice to have a relic that increases this status.
  4. The instruction of Terrible Relic of Deadly Infection says that its debuff triggers every 5 sec during 20 sec. I think normally it will trigger at 5th , 10th ,15th and 20th sec, totally 4 times. But in fact at 20th sec it wont trigger...
  5. why icy relic increase critical when rage active not available for barbarian? all hero can use this except barb?
  6. Just want to know before purchasing anything. Do I have to summon the wolf right on top of the enemy, is it a 3x3 area around the location of summoning (suggested by its animation) or do the dogs have a chance to inflict the relic effect onto the enemy with the first bite?
  7. A grã-relíquia de estabilidade de energia não está funcionando conforme a descrição, na descrição diz que ela reduz o consumo de energia durante a habilidade em 50%, o consumo da habilidade é 4 unidades em 2s, mas ao ativar a habilidade que a relíquia está vinculada não há mudanças no consumo. Fiz um pequeno videio para demonstrar que o consumo não é alterado ao ativar a habilidade. No vídeo o personagem tem um total de 127 de energia com o passar de 2 segundos fica 123 e após 2 segundos 119, ou seja continua havendo a redução de de 4 unidade em 2s. em vez de 2 unidades em 2s. É um bug ou eu que não entendi como ela funciona?
  8. Osmium

    Relic Problem

    Hi, I am a level 27 paladin and just wanted to ask how many relics can you put into a skill. I saw in the thread that u can put 2-4 relic on a single skill. But can't put more than 2 of the same kind. What does that mean? I had 2 relics on purifying skill - Terrible life weakness and Terrible blood devourer from haloween. Then since I thought it would be 4 max, I decided to put overwhelming (stun) relic, then my Terrible life weakness disappeared. So doea that mean that we can only equip 2 offensive relic at the same time? So putting a 3rd offensive relic will just make the vanish? Please help, thanks.
  9. Fact: Relics have an animation when they trigger (well, most of them) Fact: Changing skill colors has been suggested before Logic: If I put something on top of something else, I can't see what's under the top layer Problem 1: Only works on explosions and flashes and auras (not a problem) Problem 2: Some auras and shields are pretty transparent (I don't know how this game works when there are two transparent pixels both wanting to occupy the same place) Problem 3: Skills whose duration increases when leveling them up (solution: limit this to only explosions and flashes) Problem 4: This might be impossible on skills that are cast to the ground or on others; I don't really know how this game works Problem 5: "That green puddle is safe, this green puddle is not... what does this disco death call even do?" Anyway, fact-problem lists aside, my suggestion here is to add special relics to miracle shop/guild merchant/arena shop/bosses that change the color of the skill explosions/flashes/auras by sc. overwriting the original (they have a 100% chance to trigger). Examples: [Crimson Dodge (Rogue)] - Changes the dodge activation flash to from light blue to red [Purple Poison spittle (Necro)] - Changes the poison spittle explosion from green to purple [Yellow Pool of Darkness (Warlock)] - You already know what this would do. Also needs an NPC that sells the skills in their original color for 5g in every library.
  10. Great Relic of Concentration Required level: 1 Class: Unique Description: 10% to decrease skill's cooldown time by 40% instantly this relics effect all skills at once , or just the skill it used in ?
  11. PFfff--- I don't know what a relic is :! Reliquary? And whats that about the Relic Locations? I am more n00b than i thought :!
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