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  1. Will the server lagging be improved?
  2. After update, i can only get 100 pirate's reputation one day. But before it i can get 185 or 190 everyday. Is it a bug?
  3. A bug : lv29 belt can't be enchanted with hp rune.
  4. Why my character can't restore oxygen when offline in a place that doesn't comsume oxygen ? Is it a bug?
  5. I'm a player from sea elf. We won the war just now, but I only get normal 1-day buffs without max hp&mp, instead of special 3-day buffs. All of my friends say they meet the same problems.
  6. The instruction of Terrible Relic of Deadly Infection says that its debuff triggers every 5 sec during 20 sec. I think normally it will trigger at 5th , 10th ,15th and 20th sec, totally 4 times. But in fact at 20th sec it wont trigger...
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