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  1. Whats the effect of block master now? Does it have 1s cd, consume mp every time, and restore 12% of missing hp ?
  2. Priest and paladin have no skill to help restore mp, only druid (( And dragon eye, but u cant expect mage will give it to warden
  3. Why increase so much cost of skills of warden??? Now fortification and block master will cost almost all warden's mp. These two skills are most important. You cant not give up them. That means warden can not use other skills. Then whats the meaning of other skills except the two? So every warden needs find a druid teammate to help restore mp???
  4. About the skill book distortion of life, I wanna know if it can be active when charater is stunned by skills of other players...Or only when stunned by stun parament provided by stun crystals and equipment ? Btw, during stun, can character restore hp many times, or only once?
  5. After update, i can only get 100 pirate's reputation one day. But before it i can get 185 or 190 everyday. Is it a bug?
  6. A bug : lv29 belt can't be enchanted with hp rune.
  7. Why my character can't restore oxygen when offline in a place that doesn't comsume oxygen ? Is it a bug?
  8. I'm a player from sea elf. We won the war just now, but I only get normal 1-day buffs without max hp&mp, instead of special 3-day buffs. All of my friends say they meet the same problems.
  9. The instruction of Terrible Relic of Deadly Infection says that its debuff triggers every 5 sec during 20 sec. I think normally it will trigger at 5th , 10th ,15th and 20th sec, totally 4 times. But in fact at 20th sec it wont trigger...
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