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  1. Actually, blocking useless coz u only block the damage, but not the effect which is the stun. Nope, even a full block warden can still equip dmg cloak and accesories + 4% faction bonus dmg. Unlike paladins, equip dmg accesories and most of your skills are ducked. So a warden can equip 2x dmg accesories (cloak and amulet) and still have full block gears and max energy regen combo. If a paladin equips semi dmg/magic accesories, others skills would be sacrificed. Lack of magic means almost all paladin experts will have low dmg.
  2. Hi, I'm a paladin with an attack dmg of 600+ and 200+ magic with 40%+ ferocity, 8k defence and 15% resilience. It just bothers me that a level 20 shield charmer, 200+ magic atk, no ferocity, no resilience, 3k def just raped me. :D It's like another DK but now, with a free minion. As you can see, just by simply looking at charmer's skills, it also have a 'Full Stun Cycle'. And I just witnessed that yesterday when that lvl 20 was pvping almost every one even lvl 28s on pvpcave. 1 stun on basic skill, 1 petrify expert, 1 stun buff that needs 5x atk stacks expert an
  3. Osmium

    Relic Problem

    Okay, thanks Daria. :) Support on forum is extremely fast, unlike on email via game client that takes a week before u get a reply.
  4. Osmium

    Relic Problem

    Hi, I am a level 27 paladin and just wanted to ask how many relics can you put into a skill. I saw in the thread that u can put 2-4 relic on a single skill. But can't put more than 2 of the same kind. What does that mean? I had 2 relics on purifying skill - Terrible life weakness and Terrible blood devourer from haloween. Then since I thought it would be 4 max, I decided to put overwhelming (stun) relic, then my Terrible life weakness disappeared. So doea that mean that we can only equip 2 offensive relic at the same time? So putting a 3rd offensive relic will
  5. 5 locks. 5 BD with 5 counter activated. Use 1 blue pool and 5 counter hits u back. It's just what I have imagined on it. Thats why fighting 5 bd on arena is a pain in the buutt. Hahaha. Can't use any aoe skill against them coz each of their counter will strike u back. VERY BALANCED for non-bd user. :*
  6. [quote name="bemyklitschko" post="923940" timestamp="1454406070" I think jenson(legendary achievment owner in crafting) will be one of the first. I believe the name is Janeson not jenson.
  7. Just look at achievements in your server. Achievements - Legendary - Virtuoso. All those Virtuoso from all servers have all types of armors crafted to at least level 14.
  8. Hi roland, we tested Retribution rune today. My friend had 5.7% retibution on his 2x lvl 23 axes. 3% for great charm and 2.7% on normal charm. So here are the numbers. He had 5.7% Retribution. He had 5600 def. He had 15% resilience. I on the other hand had 500 damage. 6500 physical def (50%) and 10% Resilience. Everytime I do normal atks, His 5.7% retribution returned 6 physical dmg on me with the attributes listed above. So his defence and resilience has reduced my atk down to 300+ everytime i hit him. Then retribution returned 5.7% which is around 15 and my def + res
  9. Sandro in sanctuary. Hahaha. Will he drop lvl 18 Night Prince weapons?
  10. Well, I guess I was wrong all along.
  11. You don't even know how much damage total damage your attacks do on enemies lols. It's ok. I feel you. Just stick to regular numbers that appear on your screen.
  12. I guess you still don't get it at all. I'll explain it again once more. If u have 100 damage and 10% lifesteal, offcourse u will do 100 damage per attack ob the enemy. But Everytime u attack, the enemy's HP is reduced by 110, not by 100 alone. Get it now? 100 for your damage and 10 for the lifesteal. You healed 10 because you stole 10 from enemy hp. So you did a total of 110 damage to your enemy everytime u hit hit him. I can't believe you still don't get it. 100 is your damage with 10% lifesteal.Get it now? Your attacks will always show 100 cause it is your damage. But you also an additional
  13. It's really pointless arguing with someone who played paladin for 2 and a half year and yet doesn't know how lifesteal really works. LOL Can't even understand what TOTAL Damage means. Come on kid. It's pretty obvious you lack the ability to think. Everything you say was just based on your 2.5 year experience in game as pala. Nobody cares LOL. Anyways, explaining things to you is really worthless since you don't even accept mistakes and has a high PRIDE of 2.5 year pala experience. Hahaha. Simple math equations and u don't even get it. Goodluck kid. Or should I say old man with a kid's brai
  14. Or maybe I'll explain it in the simpliest way I can. Imagine you have 100 damage and you have 10% lifesteal. How much damage do you do in every attack? And how much HP do you heal every attack? You do 100 damage and heal 10 every attack. So that 10 heal you got, You think its just a simple heal? Idioot. That 10 heal you got is from enemy HP because of lifesteal. You stole a certain amount of his HP and healed to yourself. So in every attack, you do 110 total damage and 10 heal to yourself. 100 from your Damage, 10 damage from Lifesteal which was transfered to you via heal. Get it now?
  15. I guess your definition of lifesteal is only " You heal everytime u attack". Lols. From the term Lifesteal itself, everyone already know it. 700 dmg with 20% lifesteal and u think u only do 700dmg? I guess u also don't even know how to calculate. Lols
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