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Found 15 results

  1. Venho jogando o jogo a quase 2 anos, e simplesmente não aguento mais ter que aguentar ver gente falando idiotices e coisas ilícitas no global, e os demais chats. O jogo poderia tem uma ferramenta de report, para assim punir de forma justa aqueles que ficam spammando, falando coisas pesadas nesse tipo. Ele já tem um sistema de impedir de falar coisas ilícitas, mas do que adianta ter esse sistema se você pode simplesmente desativa-lo nas configurações? Entendo que o jogo tem sim seu sistema de ignorar, mas mesmo com isso, tenho vários personagens, e em todos tenho que ficar ignorando pessoas que ficam spammando. Seria um grande avanço para não ter tanta toxidade no chat do jogo, que por sinal afasta muitos jogadores do próprio jogo em si, e ajudar a criar uma comunidade mais saudável.
  2. Reading the global chat I could see that most of the chat is calling people to dungeons, bosses, farm, hunt and other things, so through this topic I have come to suggest that a new type of chat be created that is only for those people who are calling other people to groups to do whatever it is, so the global chat would only be for conversations about anything between players.
  3. So I've looked around, found a few Discord servers, but most of which were poorly managed, almost empty, poorly created, and disorganized. I've been using Discord for quite a while and am very familiar with it, so I took the liberty of creating a server that will not only be aestheticly pleasing, but also very user friendly and opposite of the aforementioned negative traits of the other servers. My server, as of now, is more geared towards the US-Sapphire community. I may implement expansion to other servers depending on how this one turns out. | The Goal | - Create a community of fellow Warspear fans outside of the game, so that they may keep in touch when not playing. - Utilize Discord's voice chat function to further enhance the co-op gaming experience. This will create a far better system of communication between players during events, dungeons, questing, etc. - Connect players on a more personal level. | Perks | - With my "Guild" channels I've incorporated into my server, it will be significantly easier to coordinate guild events, find a other guilds, and make recruiting/joining a lot less painful. - The "World Chat" channel in my server will make text based communication much easier and far less cluttered. Plus, you'll be able to share your dank memes with your friends. As an added bonus, there will not be any GameRusher spammers. - I have created a "Market" channel to help with the buying and selling of in-game items. This is especially useful because now if the buyer/seller is skeptical, they can provide screenshots as evidence. - Bots! In my server, I really like to utilize the bot function. - Stream Music - Play mini-games (We got Blackjack) - Rise through the ranks in the server and so much more. ... The list goes on... | The Future | As an additional perk to using Discord, I have ideas for the future that would allow for the orchestrating of large scale events such as (but not limited to) : -Gold give-aways -Raffles for rare items, costumes, gold. - Large dungeon "raids" for continuous raiding without having to spam the in-game chat for players. -Guild wars Etc. To me, it is blatantly obvious that this is an essential tool for the Warspear community. If you are interested, you may simply click this link; https://discord.gg/8jK7Rdj If you are not interested, for some odd reason, you may just go on about your day, playing un-connected. P.S. I apologize. I did not mean to offend, I only meant that the some of the servers I had visited had been less than "up-to-par". The overall theme I repeatedly saw, was cluttered UI, cramped menus, and no apparent organization accompanied by a barely existent community. Which may actually be the reason behind the decrease in Discord activity. Too many people joining the wrong servers and having bad experiences, then developing a mindset that all of discord is just as bad. If we're to do this, it has to be done right and is ultimately up to the people that take the initial step. I built the platform, now it's up to the players to stand on it. Take a chance, I'd be willing to bet you'll have a better experience this time.
  4. NanangJu

    Chat Problem

    Ummm..hello.. I have some problem with chat system..it doesn't work on my phone lately (it's mean working before)..the keyboard won't pop up so i can't type any single word..now i'm only hunter with emoticon all the way..any suggestion what should i do..? feel like antisocial in mmorpg..
  5. Boa tarde! Eu procurei bastante e não achei alguma coisa sobre isso (pelo menos não BR), mais existe algum servidor no discord mesmo que não oficial do jogo? Pq ajudaria muito no farm ou nas tw. Se não existir eu me responsabilizo de criar (e até mesmo divulgar) e se algum adm do fórum aparecer por lá dou todas as funções pra ele/ela... Mais realmente precisamos de um servidor no discord, ajuda muito
  6. Hello people! Recently i bought a smatphone of the model (Asus Zenfone GO ZB500KG) However when i try use the keyboard for the chat or for sell anyone item it doesn't show up. I like play warspear but until now i don't got solve my problem. Anybody can solve it or help me with this problem? Olá pessoal! Recentemente comprei um celular do modelo (Zenfone GO ZB500KG) Porém quando tento utilizar o teclado para escrever no chat ou para vender algum item ele não aparece Eu gosto de jogar warspear mas até agora não consegui resolver meu problema Alguem pode resolver isso ou me ajudar com esse problema?
  7. Pecleb

    trade chat bug

    Hi, i think there is a problem with trade chat: when u link a +10 item in trade chat many players see it +0 and so u got many useless pm of ppl who see it +0. Anyone else had this bug?
  8. I usually ignore every racist, account seller and empty-message spammer, which has led my ignore list looking quite populated (see attachment 1). Now, if someone changes name or gets a [Technocrat's Bow], I won't see anything (see attachment 2). Please change this; I only ignore people for being annoying, not because they get good drops.
  9. Hi, this is my first post. I was thinking you probably could allow to mc inv and elves in party and viceversa only in dungeon areas in Ayvondil. If that player leaves the dungeon area, automaticly leave party. In this area all clases can chat in area chat only in dungeon areas or party chat if theyre in the party. I tough is a good idea because is a common enemy from elves and mc. If you have anything to modify in my suggestion i'll be glad to heard it.
  10. Sometimes chat messages overlap the edge of the screen. Windows phone. The phone model is Lumia 930 if that matters. In the screenshots the word SELL does this; only SE is visible.
  11. Right, I like this game a lot but the main 2 problems for me that this game lacks are the chat system and the xp gains. It's almost impossible to chat with people near me, because there's no speech bubble that appears over my head, like in most MMORPGs. So, when you type a message, you should make it appear over the players head so it's easier to get the attention of the other player. Since the world chat moves so fast I can't read what the other player has said very well either. I just think it'd be a nice adjustment to the game. Secondly, The xp system. You have to quest to gain xp, and you gain no xp from monsters. I think you should change that, so you gain xp from killing a monster. Now I understand that some people want to stay at a certain level, that's why you should add a feature to turn on and off the xp gains. Trust me, a lot of people would just prefer to grind mobs than quest. That way you can get more players because in every MMORPG there's players who just grind, then you get the questers. Not everyone's a quester. I'm certainly not. That's why I find it hard to play this game for long periods of time. I've been playing mmorpgs for 10 years now, and this the only game I've encountered without these two features I've mentioned. I really hope you take this into consideration because It'd make a lot of players happy. Let's just see how this thread goes. But other than that, you've done a fantastic job on this game. I'd be more than happy to spend my hard earned money if the game had these features. Thanks!
  12. Saber

    Forum Chat

    Okay this forum really needs this.Everyday nothing interesting happens in this forum.People should talk in chat not by posting.There are mods who can mute or ban chat abusers.Each Forum should get their own chatbox.
  13. XeNoN

    Chat Clear

    i have an idea. on chats, is it ok if u add a button or an option to clear chat? especially world chat, coz chats become more full & full after too long u play. well, there is a way to clear chat, by completely exiting warspear then play again.
  14. Hello there, developers. I'd like to report 2 things which by my opinion aren't okay. 1. as you can see on ss below, Minion's health and mana bar (+ time remaining of course) are missing, after entering into next location. 2. I'm not really sure, if this second thing wasn't made advisedly.. but always, when I open chat to write something (unexpectful), it suddenly scrolls at the top, so I can't read the newest messages.. It's kinda annoying. (probably not only my problem, maybe its just bug of the latest client) thanks for your time! -Keeev
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