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  1. I`d suggest to reconsider the dungeons reward system. If it`s going to be the same as the World creation Dungeons then you`re up for alot of commentary. Perhaps you should change the rewards. Currently the rewards are personal, why don`t you turn it into recieving so that we could at least trade them to other party members etc. If the team doesn`t agree then let us know some feedback on why you wouldn`t change this. Sincerely, Maleshaman.
  2. Yes they did, got a reward aswell from the Dungeon.
  3. http://gyazo.com/c3d3bce9515a966444a00a1535ee33d5 Looks pretty cold doesn't it?
  4. I'm not aware of there existance.
  5. There's only 11classes, 1never excists in my world.
  6. Cut that whorelock out, disgusts me.
  7. Don't be a moron XDYou kno very well what Maleshaman has at Us, +9 winding scepter and still using 15gears mainly. You don't need to amp to be some sort of self-claimed pro, I'm tearing shit up on Eu with low amps aswell. You're arguement is declaired false hereby.
  8. People that play by the rules do.
  9. Oh, the weak +10barb. Yeah, heard him cry after losing from a certain +7Bd aswell.
  10. Doesn't really feel this way though, might just be me.
  11. Not really xd Sea is to easy. Lake and higher was taken :c
  12. When boredom strikes. (actually got a pair of boots the kill before xd)
  13. Better not be your toxic gasses.
  14. Haven`t seen him in a while, wonder who owns it this time.
  15. Seems like my last post didn`t go well, time to re-write. I`ll give you some usefull advice on what certainly not to do (trust me, many new idiots use this and fail miserably) We all kno Resil can be amazing on any class, but I`d never suggest to go with full arena gear. The reasons are simple: Energy and your class. Why energy? I shouldn`t even be saying this but arena armour is practicly useless in longer fights. Why so? Simple, you do not get alot of energy from your gear. "Well, I can enchant my armoury with extra energy so why talk shit noob?" Go ahead, I`m basing this on how many I`ve seen fail using these methods. Personally I`d never give up on more offensive stats for lasting longer. Why the class? Shaman`s are casters, they relay on there skills like any other class would (casters mainly) Skills use up energy, and spamming skills means faster energy drainage. In order to survive you`ll need your energy in order to use your skills. So to wrap it up. Energy is important, just as much as offense. The perfect mix is Vs with arena gear.
  16. So this is about level 14`s I suppose? You`ll want a reasonable amount of hp, try to stay at 1300-1400+. As for defense, don`t bother to much as a druid. Concetrate on resil to avoid a huge hp loss in a single hit. Defense mathers the most in solo PvE circumstances.
  17. Started a little project today, it`s an Mmorpg. So far I`ve gotten to level 16, I`ll reveal what I`ve been playing last days either this week or after I returned from our wintersports vacation in Germany. Project H.
  18. Correction, You`ll find a level 7 weapon in the 4th town, not the 3th.
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