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  1. duck off with your hippy shit, we get no duels cuz that fagget comes in the cave, he gotta be banned
  2. Maleshaman


    Im not going to answer that, to horrifying
  3. Maleshaman


    Aw my karma is -2 cuz our lill "beautifull" pinoy cant handle hatred against her, ill make it even ill cry for you so your bf doesnt need to jump here, get rddy here it goes BOOOHOOHOHoo :'(
  4. Maleshaman


    Black bacon as in dark circle or eisha mathers? Lmao
  5. At least I can understand my main class better now, you helped me alot bloody, thnx alot bro ^^
  6. How did you even figure all of this O.o
  7. This is some hilarious bullcrap, they are giving the most dumb players of warspear a opportunity to be something in the game, bravo, LET THERE BE MORE WARS!
  8. I dont even consider myself a strong shaman anymore, new arena gear made me look like a little piece of shit, and I dint wanna follow the crowd yet. So be aware im still using the gear that has been out for a long time hehe (;
  9. Kernlabba is a moron, I antiheal the fagg so he will die lmfao
  10. I love how you act like a big boy, lol your just a scared wuzz ingame
  11. I can give you alot more tbh lmao dont think im done ;)
  12. Hmm should challange him to a good pvp session
  13. I gotta stay outha this, have fun you two, solve it yourself
  14. Just a fact but elfs always cry, look.at what your doing? And you dont even have a char lvl 16+,thats just amusing..lol
  15. Why do you even join swaaz, this moran talked shit to me at lab, thats what I can remember. And I only.speak dutch when morons talk portguese or something like that. And for the lies, I dont make any, im a truthfull person, if u cant accept that then suck my dick harder
  16. U sure u dont wanna give it more? Or ran out of insults moron?
  17. Cmmn u can diss him, look at his chars for instance
  18. I dint even kno you, so please stay the hell away from me your probably.a failed shaman
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