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  1. I know it is hard in PVP as not often, you can get close to a ranger without getting killed off or damaged beyond coming back, but still, I persevere :) the new expert skill allows Necro's to damage all enemies around them including Elves? otherwise it isn't that good. As for the Dealthy eye I think it's called...something should be changed there as it is pretty pointless.
  2. I still believe Necro is the most hardest class to play, and I play necro myself. Can we have a bit of leeway please? :unknw:
  3. Yes that is what I meant, imagine damage all over the map lmao, would be funny :yahoo:
  4. These are my thoughts exactly about the necro skill, hopefully it does do damage to all elves around the area, then that would be awesome :)
  5. I am sorry, I didn't understand what you meant there, anyone else explain?
  6. Perhaps because you answered your own question there? :facepalm:
  7. Interesting update, it seems that Necro though hasn't really changed in regards to strength, I would have thought an ability to manipulate the other side or something would make more sense of a necromancer, rather than a damage thread to other enemies (unless you are referring to elves also), not just mob :shok:
  8. I disagree about them being permanent, wouldn't make sense :facepalm: upping their levels is an idea I could agree with and maybe wearing equipment.
  9. Dark_Oblivion666


    Oh dear, Justin Bieber :facepalm: Mine is 9th January, same as Bob Denver (TV actor), Nicola Peltz, Freddie Starr
  10. Pretty much the same here, was looking around for MMORPG games and such as this one came up, going back years ago and I played it and liked it since :)
  11. Same thing happened to me, I was selling a costume for 30k and this player accepted, but, put 3k gold to offer and clicked OK, I just cancelled and walked away :) Good thing I always check out the gold offer first to make sure it is what I asked for and I see if they do anything else before I click OK and accept the trade. Stupid scammers :diablo:
  12. It is kind of in thr relevent spot anyway, and fair enough...are dodge, parry etc useless for necro?
  13. I guess it is fair to say everyone is against the idea :pardon: Haha...
  14. Afraid of a little fun? I think it would make being a necro more worth it and dont be so dramatic. ;D
  15. Just wondering...what are the best for attributes that work for Necro...like accuracy, critical hit, dodge etc?
  16. Ok, I was thinking...as alot of the classes have been updated, necro has had very little changes done to it, apart from more damage...I think the nightmare should be lowered from 14.4 secs cool down to 8 secs or something? :) We would stand more of a chance during pvp and stuff, just a thought...but I think it could work. See, not complaining about the healing or damage :dirol:
  17. Surely, you could create your own Paypal account, more Mcoins than through text. :good:
  18. No, whatever you go in as, you stay wearing and using whatever is active ;D Don't be spiteful about it :facepalm:
  19. OK, point taken there about the Hat part ::) and minions are very useful I agree.
  20. Slightly random and a little off topic, but, I believe you should get it back 8)
  21. I agree, you do not have to spend mcoins to get a minion, a permanent minion should not happen though. ::)
  22. I am not sure whether or not I would like to see signs in arena shop, it is alright as it is for the moment.
  23. It depends on how you want to play, do you want to support more than attack or do you want to attack and evase? If you want support(heal) - Necromancer/Shaman, if you want Major attack - Death Knight/Barbarian and if you want attack and evasive - Warlock or Rogue...your choice :)
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