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  1. Send a support ticket using this link... http://warspear-online.com/en/support
  2. Right this moment, I am listening to Lie Lie Lie, By Serj ;D How do you link in videos?
  3. So, you are saying that all classes that wear heavy armor are tanks? what exactly defies a 'tank'?
  4. Agreed to an extent, it was easier keeping them separate
  5. 3 people walking down the street called duck, Shit & Manners, Whilst walking Shit fell over and Manners went to help him up duck carried on walking and bumped into the policeman and he said: "What is your first name?" He replied: duck, "Second name?" He replied Off, duck Off, Policeman says,"where's your manners" duck says Half way down the road picking up shit :lol: Thank you, thank you :)
  6. It won't be changed now (at the moment anyway) as other players including myself have paid the 40k, just do daily quests or spend some time in the swamps to get items to sell and make money, it isn't that hard...just got to be patient. As for the update...it will come when it is ready, As Trizzz said spamming won't make them do it quicker. Patience is a virtue ;D
  7. At the end of the day, it just comes down to stats and the bonuses from guilds etc, I am a Necro and I am glad I can do sufficient damage against a 'tank', I don't think a tank can kill everyone, and if a necro can do more damage than other classes, then you better start amping or better equipment ;D
  8. Agreed, if you want a fight or a challenge, or just fun, go there and expect some fighting, haha ;D It isn't a proper fighting place, so, nothing will be changed...9/10 times you won't be bugged if you just chill and don't attack, tried and tested by me :)
  9. I am curious (not to test) but, wish to know what it is when you see people offering who say they got xxx amount of mcoins for free, as in what to they do? Also, another question, what is rooting in regards to a mobile: - How does it work? - How does it affect your phone? - What is does for you gaming? - Can it make gameplay better or enabling cheating or what? Lots of questions I know ;D
  10. This I agree to and he speaks correctly, if anything, the deathly eye should be removed and a better skill used instead. That is all for Necro as they can be pretty good with practice.
  11. Interesting, I prefer the don't know until you try it, so I will try it and see how it phases me ;D
  12. I agree, defence battles are better and last longer. Generally, all physical classes are pretty much the same strength, durability etc, so, still disagree, as for a skill which could increase temporarily, I agree. But, then all other classes would need to be changed to 'balance' it again.
  13. I have yet to test it to see what it is like, judging from seeing what it does, it isn't very useful in a lot of situations, unless you got a big war going on or something :facepalm:
  14. Disagree, you are strong enough as it is (BD, DK etc), just start amping or something ;D
  15. Absolute nonsense, completely disagree! I am a Necro and have good healing and can defend myself (to an extent) it is not the healers that should be changed, rangers have had the most amp through updates, if anything...make Necros have higher physical defense.
  16. I think it is an interesting idea to be honest, collecting elf heads sounds like fun ;D
  17. Are you serious? Mages do not need a buff, if you know how to use them, they are quite tough. Necro's skill need to be buffed or something :)
  18. As a suggestion, I think the Deathly Eye should be replaced with another skill like the ability to drain a percentage of the enemies health and add it to the Necro or just take it away as it is rubbish to be used. :facepalm:
  19. The deathly eye should be replaced with something more useful as it is pointless to be used at the moment :bad: Perhaps something to actually drain a percentage of the enemy and either add it to the Necro is just take it away, would make it much more better and Necro not to be at a disadvantage.
  20. Necro is still the most toughest to play, Nightmare has it's uses, but still it is limited, something should be changed from deathly eye to make us a little more OP against other classes. The 'expert skill' seems a little useless, as I said previously, if it works with elves, say you attack one elf and 4 other elves in a rough area near you get damaged to, then fair enough.
  21. I thought something was wrong with my phone then :facepalm:
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