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  1. we need make new charters and start spamming that :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  2. loool dont have any kind google wallet ;D well does this count? :blush:
  3. juoppoja


    en kattonu kunnolla selailin vaa ja belottawa ja onnee euca 8)
  4. I like Oxfordboi :blush:
  5. Event = Almost Summer 8) and nice bikini outfits :blush:
  6. juoppoja


    Enää 111 postia niin saan täydellisen countin!!! :blush: (nyt 555 jos tulee lisää jossain vaiheessa...) :diablo:
  7. Hahahaa its very nice ;D too bad for u guys who dont see it :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Lol dont missclick here, and oko-shaar is rofling :lol:
  9. hahahaa :good: Or buy Prepaid for phone and use 10euro for about 1300mc (thats price in my country) :give_rose:
  10. Lol 16lvl vs 20lvl whos res pot.. 8) Lastly i died cuz he had greater life pot :wacko: And res :lol: Well, nice work against 16lvl wlock..
  11. lol, ur so good... :facepalm: :lol: Its like 10vs 1
  12. juoppoja


    en lähettäny kuviakaan :D
  13. juoppoja


    kiitos kun jaoit tietosi
  14. juoppoja


    hahaa ;D fail 8)
  15. fire ball and stone chatter or illusionary chains
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