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  1. We can choose how many pieces we want from the item and its parameter?
  2. Hello guys! I am back to forum, that means I am back with my quizzes, haha! So, let's make it fast, today's question is: As you can see guys, in the first picture, we got a known Ayvondil Maliat quest, "New experiments". It asks me for 16 gray cinnabar, it is a hand-collecting quest, which means the item I will get from will be written in the yellow color and I won't be able to gather more than the asked amount, so how could I gather 20 pieces as it can be seen in the last two pictures? The number of cinnabar pieces isn't edited in any way, and I duplicated the pictures and pointed at the both cinnabar slots in both two pictures, so you don't think it is an edited picture. INFO: The question's answer will be given after 38h if none has answered it. Good luck!
  3. MCocktail, Yea, so what?
  4. lallouss, Np, but I don't think you found from where it was taken, right? Nice guessing about the location, as you think it is in a left corner and connecting that with the location of Mra'kosh, now there's a possibility that it might not be in Mara'kosh, warspear locations are weird, you can find a closed location full of rock with one entrance that leads to many other places, but anyways, nice guessing. I also liked your guess about following the pattern, so ya, the next territory might be Mara'kosh! Still waiting a dev or admin's answer. I saw you reading the topic yesterday r0land...
  5. Topic has been updated. r0land please answer my questions.
  6. Did you notice that there is no more Zzzz.... and his creepy video? :D

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    2. x


      Yup yup, I saw it once, r0land said it. Pro ws forum! :*

    3. Emerald


      LoL, they banned him *-* That hilarious spammer wont come back anymore huehuehue

    4. x
  7. What is the exception? Btw, secret link isn't a self-healing skill, it requires a friend. I was talking about healing dew and invigorating stream.
  8. Warspearers, or WsOers/WSOers/WOers. xD
  9. Nvm, we both were talking about different things, we didn't understand each other, my bad from the beginning.
  10. I would like to see your plans guys for this topic from the class side you play. Legion players' ideas are welcome too, not only for sentinels. I will post mine from a bd side later, let's comment!
  11. x

    This button

    I wanted to suggest this, but after I was seeing devs answer about this, which is they want us to create our own hotkey builds. I stopped making after I have seen r0land's answers since 3 months, but I would like really to see it.
  12. 4 accounts you noob?
  13. Search the forum for it, it is written. Actually this dude remembered me that such a question should be in the "Must read for everybody" board.
  14. Nosotraes, Maybe later. Do you have exams these days?
  15. I would like to see them too. Btw, you posted in the right section, keep it up!
  16. Keep dreaming in the improvements, as for the suggestions, they have been suggested, rejected by many players and I say no too, sorry!
  17. Yes, we need this! I think devs might get used of this.
  18. Both are true! Things are better now.
  19. Patience guys, please...
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