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  1. Hey Russell.. how's it going buddy. Just felt a little nostalgic and came to check forum. Played from 2010 and came back because well.. gotta spend time doing something these days. Anyways just wanted to drop in and say hi. Take care brother Signing off, Volex.
  2. Hello ladies and gentlemen. I would like to inform you that my rogue senpailex was stolen by an ex friend whom i trusted, which is dracton (also Dractonz) ALSO STUNS AKA MAILIWDXB ( Both are known scammers ) As how it was stolen it goes like this, he was on my death knight and he stole 9k cc i confronted him, His reaction was denying it at first, then he stole rogue and changed it into his own email. Ofcourse, he will claim that is his rogue ( which is not ), I'm asking the GMs to do something about it, Atleast ban the account. I've also friends who can agree that rogue is mine. Sincerely, Anonymous.
  3. Volex

    Im an idiot.

    Well hello there ryder. I've always knew that chick was crazy enough to do such things, but the nice thing is that you found someone else .. Nobody would wanna date a freak like jes, I think she drained the other guy's money so she came to you
  4. It's weird not seeing my name on the list *crys* Hotdogs are yum.
  5. Another maintainence,.Why don't you just shut the game off for a year? Would be better than disturbing players each hour with maintaince.
  6. Volex


    Goodbye brother! You wont tell us the reason of your quitting, But i respect your choice. your family is going to miss you mate. Best wishes to you to have good long life. Signed - Thunder - Lex.
  7. Frustration is the result of failed expectations.

  8. Oh please! He will come back like others did, it is ducking addiction.
  9. Volex


    Hi everyone! I am a new player And i am looking for a player to guide me in-game And shows me how i can become a pro player. Any volunteers?
  10. We should make that top topic here. NBKs gonna be famous even in the russian servers. OH YEAH!
  11. Seriously, I am not going to reply.
  12. Cut the damn crap stupid pedos! Hands off sapphire. Thats ma girl ova there.
  13. Shut Down the Damn Topic you british ugly cunt, Cyber.
  14. Atleast DoT is better than just talkin shit. I like to do actions more than saying, Nikki they started hatin on ya it is awesome huh Oh well, People like jarla or Cyber dont do anything in game, Just talking crap all day long i bet they will write a book about how silly NBKs is, it is a good idea actually, Better than just sittin there behind the damn screen doin nothin, Jobless. I got no hatred on yall guys but im just defendin my home town .
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