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  1. I forgot to show my old draw in which i based the costume.
  2. Description: Well I've had this idea for the old "draw a boss" contest, but I couldn't post it because I did not pay attention to the limit time. Her dress is made of the finest cloth and hasn't worn out yet despite the years. And the glove is a Must! Xrakshax - lv 28 US - Sapphire
  3. I got this: Error: The dependency can not be satisfied libc6 (>=2.19) :/
  4. hi *kamehu...* u was one of the strongest necros, u shouldn't have deleted ur acc... nvm well the strongest necro is Spittle followed by Elasines and then u xD and if u won me once... just was because i have been a good teacher Good luck on ur real life kame, we were arena enemies but without any personal issues (or well at least no more than two) ty
  5. Congratz Yasopp, Imroronoa and Xvantt and congratz to me
  6. Hi Forum ! Huh i was about to post this on maaraa's ban topic but... it has disappeared... mysteriously xD The pics talk by themselves so they don't need an explanation PD: BONUS TRACK :
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