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    May I ask :)

    Devs start a new section and create a topic in it.
  2. 2-3k a day you mean. Griduar gives 200 gold + 4 potions? 200 + 4x 80 = 520 gold. Just 1 daily. Find out yourself the gold for gremlins, power of the legeon, waters, leopard, hatred of the goblind (this one combined a lot of collecting quests), rogues of maiden, winged, 3 trolls, etc.
  3. Tsja


    [sarcasm ON] +1 Right, so the elven-stairs will be full of full-hp and shielded elves, even when they got killed 3 seconds before. [/sarcasm OFF]
  4. Why selling items (which are most of them personal) for the skill?
  5. :shok:As a lvl 18+ player you must be able to generate 20k a week easy? Everyday easy kill daily quests and some combined collecting quests, and some free tickets arena (yes, arena created gold!). 1 to 1.5 hours of play per day. No dungeon, no swamp, no hunt.
  6. Solution; switch the expert skill for necro and shaman, and everyone gets something great! ::)
  7. Depends on the thing you are doing. Questing is easy. Swamp is very very easy (1300 hits of a breath catcher because of shield and can nightmare shaman-towers). Arena is kind of hard, but if the opponent allows the necro to come close enough for nightmare, it helps (but range of nightmare is only 4, where entangle/blind is 5. And rangers kill you before you are in range). Only 1 damage skill is a bummer... eye is too hard for use in arena, and eye is resisted almost always by bosses. The hardest classes to play are still melee's, and i think the mage has a hard time too, as a semi-melee class. So no, the necro isn't the hardest class to play :) but harder than druid/shaman. But these are the strongest classes ingame. And now they both get a freaking awsome expert skill too! Both fit in the playstyle of these classes. And the necro gets a skill that can't be combined with nightmare...
  8. Exactly my thoughts, but we'll see. 40k for a lvl 18+ player is not that much :)
  9. Oh sure, everything will be fine :) But i think i will skip this skill for the necro. Edit: Or am i reading wrong. Kind of confused of the text. Do we have to remove a "basic" skill for learning an expert skill, or is the text about changing expert skills? And do we get 2 additional skill-slots, for experts skills (on lvl 20).
  10. Yeah you are right about that :( But i also feel a little sorry for the barb, for example, when i read it. And for a druid (i have, my strongest richest highest amped char) i think *WOW* and for a necro (i also have) i think *pitty..* I also have every class, but a lvl 11 warlock toy isn't that interesting to mention :D
  11. I have necro, shaman, rogue, mage, druid and ranger. I actually do not have a side ;) In my oppinion the necro is a very bad class compared with the shaman or druid, but that's why i am playing it :D And now we have to sacrifice a skill for the expert skill. The druid and shaman can easily drop barkskin, but what's the option for the necro? Anyway; my necro is going to skip this expert skill. It can't be combined with nightmare.
  12. And the necro's are ♥♥♥♥ed again. Back to my back-up shaman (or my totally OP druid with that new expert skill, but then i have to switch sides...). There is really no skill a necro can drop for the expert-skill. Sure, the necro can drop the eye and drops DOT too... :crazy:
  13. Last time it happened to me (in nadir) i couldn't attack the player that gave me the bees, but he could attack me.
  14. I still think this was a good suggestion... http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=95049.0
  15. Tsja

    Country Chat

    I asume you are trying to be funny. So i keep smiling ::)
  16. Tsja

    Country Chat

    10 minutes ago, when i was logged in, they were talking about blowjobs.
  17. Tsja

    Country Chat

    Chats are only used for rasism, porn, harrasments, assulting. So no, we do not use another one.
  18. The (world)-chat is a pain in the ass. Yes it should be moderated. I do not need all the rasicm, porn, people who are bashing others for months (acutedick/hassnson for example), char-sellers, etc. Looking from the bussiness-view; i know people stopped playing after playing just a couple of days. The chats are your commercial, your image, "look, this is the game, this is how the people are in this game". Do you want a friendly or a violent one? I have to say; i had doubts too playing this game when i saw the public chats. Now i just ignore the public chats. It isn't for normal communication-use. So i say; moderate it.
  19. I only talk about experience. I play my necro full time and know what happens. I can not deny what i see. And your respons on that is "you fail" ;D :clapping:
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